Tuesday, February 19, 2013

ItzMzBunny Nail Art Update!

Like I said in the Happy New Year Post, I've been quite a busy Bunny!! So Busy that I changed my nail art not once but twice within the last two weeks or so. I don't know, can't recall lol.

I decided maybe a few days before Valentine's Days that I would cut my nails down a bit because they were getting a bit long, unfortunately because I didn't take the previous nail color off, my shaping skills were compromised and my nails were looking rough to the point I had to take the color off.

Unfortunately, I ran into a problem. Not only was the Faded Valentines made of tons and tons of glitter, but it was by far the hardest glitter I ever had to get off my nails. So hard to the point that when I would the acetone soaked cotton ball over the nail, only the color came off and the glitter stayed just more silver than anything. One happen to come off just by me leaving the acetone cotton ball on my nail for over 10 minutes. Since I'm an impatient individual, I grabbed the emery board and made due with that. I eventually got it all off and got my nails to look the way I wanted them too. I was really contented. So still wondering what to do, I happen to remember I had some striping tape or some call it strands. I thought, Oh hey! Let's give these a try. When I rummaged through the little bag full of colored tapes, I came across a white colored tape and thought hey lets try a french theme tip design. Three words: WORST IDEA EVER!! Not only did it take me HOURS just to one hand, working with striping tape is by far the hardest thing I ever came across! It picked up every future Dust Bunny Baby out there and any dust that shimmied off my clothes! I eventually got done and decided to add a gem in the shape of a heart. Another bad idea. I don't know it looked good in my head but the ending product left a lot to be desired for me—personally. I decided to name that design Queen Of Hearts.

After I got done, not only did the tape lift like crazy, but it was also hard to cove in a top coat. Yes the incredible Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat couldn't even cover the tape. I did 4 coats for each finger! The tape refused and lifted. At one point during the short time I wore the design I thought that lifting had stopped and I could move on, no I grabbed something and the whole right half of my left thumb lifted up like icing lifting off a slice of cake. Enough was enough and I had to get rid of it! Even that was more of a chore than taking the glitter off from the last time!! It's like good gravy how much agony must a girl face just to have prettied up nails that tickles her fancy in such a way a man cannot? So back to the emery board I went and had to saw what I could off. Eventually got it all off, but I also lost a lot of acrylic in the process and had to go have a fill done. Thankfully the nail shop lady was nice enough to give me a overlay but also for a pretty price, but it wasn't too bad which I couldn't get mad nor complain about. Then as I sat there with my nails bare naked, I couldn't stand them looking like that. It felt as if I left home without panties or was in such a rush I forgot to put on my top and threw on my jacket instead in dead haste!

Well whilst I was at the Walgreens I noticed a new display for Wet n Wild nail polish. The lollipop shaped polish bottles were absolutely adorable and yet the colors were very charismatic. I picked one and decided to try it. I came home and tore the elongated tag off and tried the other day. I fell in love with the outcome and couldn't help but want all my nails painted in such a unique color. It looks more like pearlesque polish from afar but gave off a bluish green tint in certain light and in other light a purple tint. When I finally put on a top coat not only did I love the gold glow that sparkled out of nowhere, I loved the party like sparkles and flakes that made it look like fun. Even when I took a picture, I found odd that I didn't even know the name of the polish. How silly is that?? Thus I had to make another trip to the Walgreens because I wanted to know what the name of polish was. Then I found out and found another one I hope to use for next month for St. Patrick's Day. You know when I found out what the name of the polish was, I was actually entertained and amused. The polish is Wet n Wild Coloricon Toppings. Update: I thought I would let you dolls know the color I used when I finally found the wrapper WAS NOT Sprinkled with love, it's called Frosted Over but they look like twins XD!! I still plan on keeping the name because I think it's cute lol. The color I used was Sprinkled with Love. All the colors had dessert theme or associated names. Nouveau Cheap has an article on the new nail polishes (click the link to see!).

I couldn't resist, and left the name as is. I actually adore the color an can't help but look and admire my nails as often as I can! I can't wait to try this wondrous topping with another nail color! What do you gals and dolls think of the color?? Pretty Fancy eh?? hehe :D

Now as for the other color, you all will just have to wait until next month ^_^.


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