Wednesday, February 6, 2013


So I immensely named this title after that wondrous Family Guy Episode Believe It or Not Joe's Walking On Air (Season 6,  Episode 3) you remember the part Peter ripped a huge chunk out of their house and little crazy Stewie jumps out all like:

Yeah so that's kind of how I feel about things from time to time. But replace House with Blog instead. This particular time, I'm ready for change and want the change yet I can't find the change that doesn't only fill me up some cooking unit of measurement that's not FULL. Okay, let me start from the beginning...

While, in the midst of updating the site and blog to make it more user friendly and easier on me as well as far as maintenance goes. I felt it was time to get a new sidebar and put it in on the left and shift everything about a thumbnail or so over. it would make more room for things and to me, since I look at this bloody thing more often than others do, it freed up space on the right and wouldn't leave the bottom footer columns unnoticed. Well I tried to put in another sidebar to the left, the template accepted it. However it wouldn't snap to the left like it should have and there was more than enough room and space and what not. Unfortunate right?? Well not only did I try millions of time to get it snap to the left, I even tried to rewrite the whole thing and it didn't work and I felt I'd take time out to work on something else.

Well I've been trying to find different ways to promote the Facebook Fan Page, and I finally decided on this cute way of using a a guitar pick as a button and loved the outcome of it. Unfortunately, even when scaled down to the smallest size it was too big and cluttered my sidebar that much more. Thus I deleted it and went on searching for templates ones that not only met my fancy but also were able to serve all of us to the fullest. So then my mom says, why do you love that dark background so much?? I'm all like huh, say what now?? She said for anybody else it's too dark, and white lettering or whatever color it's suppose to be is sort of hard to read. They layout of it is fine but that's sort of a turn off and may deter people from reading. When she said that last part it made realize, maybe that's why I get around the same number of people. Maybe that's why it doesn't move, maybe that's why I have no one following the Facebook fan page.....maybe this is the reason for lots of things. I thought to myself, maybe it is time to change the blog up and make it more interesting for people and not so much for me.

That's when it hit me. When I visit other blogs, websites and many other internet pages. I always look at the design of it. That's just a first thing for me, it's like watching the Academy Awards just for the fashion. You know that one dress that Mrs. Whats-Her-Face had on, that caught your eye you'll always remember that dress, that designer and you wait for something equally spectacular to come along. Just like how I love that Oscar de la Renta dress that Halle Berry wore to the 2003 Academy Awards that was white with black embroidery it was by far the prettiest classiest dress I had ever seen. I want to be like that dress, not me personally but this blog and site to be like that dress. Forever burned into someone's, if not many peoples' memory. But I also don't want to be that one of kind something that fades and never has anything spectacular. I want to be like that classy that never gets old but always makes room to reinvent itself and become something bigger and better each time with new change. Right then at that time, I made the decision to do something drastic and change the blog's template.

Not one of my graceful moments and probably the worst thing to be plagued with. I couldn't find NOT ONE template that matched what I was envisioning! NOTHING!! What the actual hell?! After spending sleepless nights on this particular thing, I finally came across a template that not only did I despise it, it was just too bright for me. I like the color scheme and even enjoyed the fact that it was the colors I wanted. Unfortunately, when I put it in the test only blog, it came out terrible and refused to accept a lot of the widgets and the slideshow went hay-wired. Then I found out it was poorly converted WordPress template. Nasty, that's what it was. And don't get me started on all the damn things I downloaded that said would help with this and fix that and correct that. Only one was worth it called Notepad++ the others were out looking for money, I mean damn  Adobe $20 a month or $800 software where the fuck did they get their math education from?? Far-Fetched and Fucked Up University?? Or maybe it was my Alma Mater Penn State lol. It may be worth it but I'm not about to buy a hundred dollar program that's only going to be used once or twice or so :p the fuck I look like?? Picasso?? I think not, me name is Bunny, mon!

So I decided that I would take a break and find something else to preoccupy my time and mind on and I did, I blogged up a few things for the rest of this month as well as getting ready for the Condom Week Celebration as well. I did, I couldn't help but going back to the blog or previewing posts, and have that disgusted feeling about the whole thing. It made me think back to the old template which was called New York (for those of you didn't see it, look for Camino template it's very simliar just wasn't as web 2.0 fancy lol and had neon rainbow everywhere lol), I loved it and fell in love with it and incorporated it into my own and fell in love. Unfortunately, when my sidebar became 2 worlds long and wide, I had to let it go. That's when I found this current template which is called Accrebility.

Now that I'm ready for another change, I've got this visionary hurdle I can't seem to get away from. Then, like I always do, I decided to try and look once more for something. Unfortunately all the ones that attracted me to their design, were all WordPress based templates with terrible conversions or they looked like a internet galleria and I wasn't interested in that at all. Then as I was looking today over different templates, I found one that caught my eye, but I would never use, personally. Then I said well I guess if I can't find what I need I have to make my own. The worst part is the fact, I already tried this many numerous times in these past couple days, and I'm so damned impatient and lazy I didn't want to go through the process. Finding a program to help is ridiculous (hmmph, frigging Adobe....). I even considered moving the blog to a new provider but I actually love blogger only when it's not giving me a hard time, of course. Since I refuse to invest in the help of some sick ass program, I'm fin to do it the old fashioned way and actually show my hard work off.

So I guess I'll have to start from scratch and hope that it works out. Ehh, this will he a huge, hard and even long project but I think it'll be well worth it in the long run. So kids, we shall see how this works out in the near future lol. Let's both hope for the best!


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