Thursday, February 7, 2013

Helpful Links

So I found a few Helpful links that you guys and dolls, that will be great to bookmark or put in a safe place. 

  • The Everything Tumblr -- There's plenty of codes and exciting goodies on here that work for both your tumblr and on blogger. If it doesn't, you'll know what to do.  
  • QuackIt--They have so many HTML codes on here it's almost criminal, yet it's very useful. They even have generators for those who can't get the hang of HTML coding.  
  • Vector Art Illustrations--This site is unbelievable  this is for you guys and dolls who would like to dabble a little bit into creating your own custom buttons or anything. Unfortunately it's hard to find vector images right?? This one has plenty and all are zip files!  
  • FreePik-- This is another vector image site that offers plenty of images for you to download for free and use for your future artwork. Plus you might get inspired to create your own header!  
  • Color Combos--This site is pretty cool, it's even better when you need a few color combinations for your website or blog. Default is nice but we'd love to have our own colors to express our individuality right?! So get on over there and find some combos!  
  • Gickr--One of many gif making online applications, but I personally like this one. It gives many share options as well as an embed code, and a direct link code which is a plus!  
  • Cool Text--This is what I used to make my header and a lot of the other fancy text you can see through out the site. It's definitely worth it for those of you who are broke, who lack that artistic ability or didn't get a chance to befriend the graphic designer geek in college lol.  
  • Pixlr--It's like the twice removed cousin of Photoshop, except free and available on the world wide web. Did I mention this was free???  
  • Cursors 4 U-- This is an awesome little place to get a nice WORKING cursor from. That's where I got the current cursor from. I used to use Cursor Mania but from time to time I would have problems so I'm not sure if it was MySpace (then when I used it) or Cursor Mania but give it go if you want to! 
  • HTML Tips--I came across this and fell head over heels for it!! Not only does it have plenty of basic codes for you to know, but it also offers many other codes that will have you interested and going back for more lol.


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