Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Faded Valentines

So since I'm not a huge Valentine's Day fan, I thought I would muster up the courage and participate anyway. I really couldn't find a design I like and I felt that red or just pink or even white was just too over rated.

I went digging in my Technicolored Traveling Nail Shop and see what I had available. Then I remembered I had some nail strips I hadn't tried out yet. I can't say I'm thrilled about the color and I will be honest and say I like the gradient effect. Either way these off-themed nail strips by Sally Hansen did the trick for me, I'm just not sure I can deal with it for another 10 days or so......

Anyway the nail strips I used were from the Holiday 2012 collection, I don't particular care for the Valentine's Theme collection ensemble for this year. I didn't like it. Anyway I like the Holi-daze faded gradient and I thought it would give off a unique look.

But just the tips are pink and the rest is faded. What's the gradient so awesome is the glittered spectacular you see every time your nails catch your eyes and keep them all mesmerized lol.

Ehh, I might stop being lazy and I may do the Sweetheart Nail Art design but different colors. I have the brown and pink, but pink's not my thing so it might be something blue or a some other color other than pink.....I'm like a cotton ball away from wiping my nails down in acetone.

Don't judge me lol


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