Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Condoms, Condoms, Ooh La La!

So like I promised, I have two treats for you guys and dolls. This is for those who want to learn the correct ways of putting the condom on. Especially for females, just because don't have a penis doesn't mean you can't learn by using a dildo, a banana or a similar object. Practice makes perfect and by all things holy please do it the correct way each time!

»-(¯`v´¯)-» Enjoy «-(¯`v´¯)-«

Treat 1

There is a right way to put the condom on the penis. Trust me you follow these directions, not only will it stay on but it'll feel like it's not even there!

Now if your partner is erect and you both are ready for sex, make sure you have a BRAND NEW CONDOM! Check the condom's expiration date and to see if it's been damaged or tampered with in any way or form. Now that you're ready I'll give you five simple easy steps to put it on and tip on taking it off without a hitch.

Step 1

After you've removed the condom from the wrapper and you've got the correct direction of the roll (see video below for more info). Unroll your condom ONCE, you can do two unrolls if you want to but twice will do just fine. Pinch the end, place near the tip of the penis then you can proceed to the next steps...

Follow the steps A, B and C.
Now to take off the condom, I'll be honest sometimes the condom isn't so easy to "snatch" off like some people suggest. Reason being is because it can rip, tear and/or break. Taking the condom off so roughly it can lead to spillage of sperm if not cause infection. Best way to take it off is to roll it the opposite direction you rolled it on. So roll it up towards the tip of the penis. If done properly it can slide off towards the end, if not then you can grab a tissue and take it off that way.

After a few practice tries you'll have it down pat like a pro. If you refuse to do it this way, the condom will not fit snugly and securely, but the air bubble will cause it to constantly slip off. Trust me guys, girls don't like the constant start and stop....it's gets boring. Also the condom can come off without you knowing and that can lead to a future STD, infection or an unplanned pregnancy!

Treat 2

I've got two videos for you guys and dolls to check out. The first is the proper way of putting on a condom for those of you who haven't tried in any way or form. Some of us are visual and talking or giving us 3-step directions like it's a piece a cake isn't always helpful. The other video is how to NOT put a condom on because not only does that increase chances of it breaking or tearing but it damages the condom as well.

The Correct Way To Put A Condom On

I'll be honest. I don't condone or agree with the woman saying basically she doesn't approve the engagement of sex. Sex is a natural thing that everyone wants, however no one should to be told not to do it, that can lead the person down the wrong path or even into a world of Promiscuity. I say sex should only be between two people who have a mutual attraction with each other. One night stands aren't good, neither is a quick hook up with someone you knew from a past detour in your life. It's a big responsibility and can lead to unplanned pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted diseases and infections. So do it the smart way, the safe way and only when you feel comfortable. Never let someone force you into a situation where you will be abused sexually.

The Incorrect Way To Put A Condom On

This video was by far the most baffling and I don't even see how so many people liked it. If you are unsure how to put a condom on and really don't understand the directions PLEASE, PLEASE ask someone for help! DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT, under any circumstance ever put a condom on this way. Not only do you damage the condom but you can rip it, if not break it. Or because of all of the aggressive stress, make it break during intercourse. If you don't feel a snap then you will have a serious problem on your hands. 


Now I hope Everyone has learned something from this post today, if not, then you need to watch it repeatedly every time you consider sex with another individual until you learn something!


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