Monday, February 18, 2013

Condoms, Condoms, La La La!


So boys and girls I thought I would give you a post that's about condoms. They're the most affordable and won't kill you're wallet too much or put you into debt. Plus they're sold all over the place now even in the Dollar Stores. So ladies if homeboy decides to play with that "I can't afford it!! Condoms costs so much money!!" No. Unh Unh that ain't fin to happen here! You either go spend $3 for a 3 pack or you will buying all the baby's necessities or in a wicked twist of fate you both end up with something you don't Chlamydia, Herpes or Gonorrhea.

Like with most things there's always a set back..... the fact of buying the condoms in the stores or asking someone for help or even that dreaded PRICE CHECK ON DUREX! call the cashier's take too far. If you plan on getting it on or even made plans ahead of time for a special night or have decided to pick up a few one night stands for the weekend it can be disturbing and quite embarrassing. However there is a way around it!! It's called a computer and internet connection or in this day and age SMARTPHONE.

Now I found two online stores that sells condoms. One I'm familiar with and the other I'm not. Both sites also offer female condoms which are near next impossible to buy let alone find in a physical store. As well as lubricants which to some seem like a waste of time but they can be really helpful because dry friction is only fun before the party gets started, not in the middle of it ok!!

CondomMan, will give you a big quantity for a great price. Like 100 condoms for $30+ isn't half bad, I've seen some stores hike up the price on condoms because they know if you get desperate enough you'll want to do anything to get some. CondomMan also has free shipping in the US (international orders are welcomed) as well as offer sales and coupons! The other great part that is if you have an Amazon account you can buy condoms from the CondomMan on their Amazon store.

The Lucky Bloke, offers a good variety of condoms and even gives detailed information for those that are clueless or it's the first time learning about the stuff. They have $1.99 shipping world wide and 10% of your purchase will be given to the charity/cause of your choice.

To learn more about other methods of Birth Control Click Here.

Now I've got two treats for you guys and dolls, but you'll have to read part 2 to know what they are!! Click the condom button below to be taken there....


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