Monday, February 18, 2013

College Condoms

This is what College waslike for me and probably a few others out there. I remember once I had this killer headache from one of my core classes and instead of going back to the dormatory/hostel to get some Tylenol. So I thought I'd go to the nurse instead and "borrow" a few asprins. When I got there to her office and told her about my head pain, she in turns hands me three condoms. I'm like what the hell do I do with these?? She says to me, well you know sex is the best way to get rid of a headache, amongst other things. So you xpect me to go have se with some complete stranger?? Or should I blow them up and put them up around my room?? So she looked at me crazy and went into her condom conversation. Unfortunately as entertaining as her silioquy was I had to disincline and ask for asprins instead, she then told me she didn't have any asprins or bandaids and only had a shitload of condoms. Thus I had to go to the bookstore and spend $10 for 2 Tylenols that didn't last an hour!


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