Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bunnism: An Untamed Curiosity

You guys and dolls know that while I roam about the inter-webs I always come across something fabulously entertaining and rarely heard of. I like it that way, like screw politics and why Kim is making another super star porno. I post awesomeness no one else has and if they happen to have such said awesomeness it was strictly a coincidence lol.

So Bunnism. 

I came across this while planning the Condom Week Celebration and totally had to share it with everyone. There was this wonderful Tumblr Blog, that the author doesn't write on much anymore and I found it to be said since the posts were indubitably exciting! It's called Conte De Fees and they posted absolutely fabulous pictures that I love to death. I immediately fell in love with the tag "bunnism" and wondered what exactly that could be. Or course you know my untamed Curiosity had to find out what exactly it was.

Funny thing, there's nothing on the subject really. Not even the Urban Dictionary has a definition for it. Don't worry I created a definition and if they take it so be it and I'll link it to here, if not then you all know where it came from ^_^  [Update: the definition got published on Urban Dictionary on 2/27/2013 shortly after this was written, click the Bunnism link below to see]. It can be considered as a Clothing Fetish, but come on! If every thing else has a name why can't Rabbit Clothing Fetish have a proper name?? Otherwise it's getting confused the wonderful rabbit and bunny shaped or themed vibrators and sex the Bunny Ramsey. Anyway as for the definition:

Bunnism — a sexual fetish for individuals who dress up in a bunny costume of some sort (usually a sexually enticing one). 

Hugh Hefner is totally into Bunnism

Just so we know we're not talking about cute bunny rabbit pets type obsession, this is strictly the kinky stuff that fetishes were born for! Now we will look at awesome pictures



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