Monday, February 4, 2013

Blogging 101

So you think you can be a blogger, eh??

Well don't we all?? Lol.

I've been blogging, it'll be 5 years this up coming May, and believe it or not I just recently got the hang of it.

I've noticed from blogging and trying to stay with the current happenings. That many people are to abrupt with their feeling on this particular topic. They offer off-beat advice and crazy nonsense. That I have to sit there and wonder what the heck are they talking about??

When I first decided to blog, I was planning on posting my poetry on here. Unfortunately that was defeating the purpose since I already was publishing my work to a poetry site. I lost touch with the blog. Then one day while going though a problem that I couldn't freely discuss with friends or families. I decided to write it on here. It became a good stress reliever for me.

Then it turned into something more and I liked sharing my stories and day to day happenings and getting to know myself like you all would do. I decided then what I wanted to do with this blog.

Most bloggers say pick a topic and stick with it.

Well that's fine and dandy but if you have many things that interests you, it's hard to favor one and not the others. Then above all else continuously manufacture posts about this one topic. I honestly don't believe it's possible and if its not politics or celebrity gossip or even something like cooking—that's pretty hard to accomplish. However if you have a few topics you're knowledgeable about, by all means right them, you'll be surprised at the visitors you attract!

Bloggers say Market Yourself and Social Network.

Well yeah we all have a Facebook account and a tweet like bunch of birds on a phone line. However sometimes that's not good enough. Not to be disappointing. But look at it this way: I have over 600 friends on Facebook do you know how many of them read my blog?? I'm lucky if I get 5 of them to do so. Twitter, I've got over 1,000 followers and I haven't the foggiest clue as to how many (if at all) of them read my blog. So don't let that be a main marketing attribute. I can say I get tired of people asking me to like their page every day and then give nothin in return. Like I'm happy you're dieting or breast-feeding your 5th child, but I don't need to be included. Especially if you won't like my page...

Bloggers say post several times a day and you'll bring tons of visitors.

This is true. But there's a downside. Some of the posts will get knocked off or unseen or unread due to there being so many posts. I think the natural limit should be a minimum of 2 or 3 to a maximum of 7 posts a day. If you post 25 posts (like I did once) that's way too many, plus it clutters your followers' emails (if they're subscribed to your blog).

Bloggers say never make a mistake and always type professionally.

Ok, so like I'm all for that. But we've no spell checker or robots and a mistake is bound to happen. Maybe you entered the same word twice, or you misspelled a word or got distracted and messed up your sentence. I'll tell you now shit happens but don't let it get you down. We're human and mistakes are in our DNA and that helps us not only to take time out to correct the mistake (if we want to) but also improve ourselves as we go along. Besides you're not writing for the New York Times, you write how you want just as long as its legible for those who may be from foreign countries and happen to stumble upon your blog. You can't throw slang out there and expect them to understand. Trust me it doesn't work.

Your Blog, Your Rules, You're the #1 Fan

A lot of people have told me they hate the way my blog looks. It's too dark, the light colored text and OH MY GAWD did we mention that hideously ugly grotesque header??? Well no it might not be fabulous to you but I like it. I like this design a lot better than the last one which my side bar got cluttered and ran on for days. Plus this opened up more opportunities for pages and other areas of interests not just to me but for everyone else as well.

So in other words, your blog, your rules. You make it the way you want and add whatever content you like and dress it up in a template you fancy. Why?? Because you're your blog's number 1 fan. You'll be looking at it far more often than others do. Out of the 40,000+ views I have on my blog, I'll go so far as to bet that 30,000 of those views come from me lol. I have to check to make sure things look nice as well as delete posts that may have lost a photo I can't find anymore or even make room for improvement. Things happen and you have to update often. It won't be when you want like right now and done. Things change and as you go along so will the blog.

Unfortunately kids, there is a downfall to doing this, click here to read what it is.

Now after reading all that, do you still want to blog?? I think you should. I may not have the blogs I follow and read listed on mine (because there's over 100 of them). It doesn't mean it's not nice to see a new blog every now and then. Never get discourage. Heck I stopped writing on my blog for almost 2 years. But now I'm back and I want to stick to it for a long time.

It'll all work it's kinks out eventually. If you're determined and willing you can have an awesome blog one day :).

To Be Continued...


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