Saturday, February 16, 2013

All The Things You Don't Know About Sex

I came across this awesome post while I was on Tumblr and I thought that this would be perfect for not only for Condom Week but for those that need a serious refresher course and there are some out there I definitely know who are uncomfortable to ask mom, dad or grandparents for advice can be less than exciting. Trust me I know, now it's funny but the birds and the bees story can be misleading and quite disturbing.

Anyway this book is quite informative and very handy! Guess what there's a great part to this--It's available as an eBook. So not only is it available for you guys and dolls to download but it'll be a good resource for the future. Things change and sometimes for the better and sometimes not.

Anyway here's what I'm going to do, if you click the book cover you'll be taken to the Tumblr post, so if you want to like it or reblog it to your blog then by all means do so this is important! And if you'd like to follow me too that's fine too. However, we really need to get back into the groove of things and back on track to a better lifestyle or a more improved one. You wouldn't eat a burger while dieting and exercising right?? Well don't have sex with someone without being able to accept that you'll catch a Sexually Transmitted Disease/Infection and the possibility of unplanned/unwanted pregnancy.

For more information on the book itself and the author by all means click here. You can also download the ebook for your own personal use as well. I will post the main pictures that's been swirling about the internet as well as a few pointers from me ^_^.


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