Thursday, February 21, 2013

11 Ways A Condom Can Save Your Life!?

I happen to see this awesome link on Facebook to a website that dedicates its content to different types of things one can learn to survive in any given situation. To even suggest that there are more many other uses than the immediate ones that come to mind is a bit far fetched!!

Not only did this blow my mind but it also taught me a few things I would never even consider!! The one about the water wasn't so far fetched, I remember watching this crazy war picture once and the guy used a condom as a baby bottle nipple for the baby. Crazy and not quite sanitary, but it also if in dire need, I guess an non-lubricated condom would be best, I think. Or even maybe a flavored one, hmm I wonder if the strawberry flavored condom and milk make it taste like strawberry milk??

Anyway I thought I would share this with you and in my case I might consider making a "companion" or sever hundreds of them so I won't be so lonely next Valentines lol. The best part about this whole Condom Survival list is the picture associated to it! The only reason it caught my eye was because it had a bunny on it!!

Here check it out!

Can you guess what a condom would have in common with the images???

If you'd like to know what survival techniques can be used that includes those spare or even expired condoms (just for experimental purposes only) click the image above or click here.


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