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Invisible Condom; Invisible Happiness

There always comes a point in your life where you want to become intimate with someone, and on such a level where you experience the joy and ecstasy that sex can bring with that person. Plus it's also a realization if you want to spend forever with this person if you can still love that person after sex like the way you did before the sex. If this can be a forever type of thing. Then on some occasions, you find yourself caught in lust and just want to fuck--literally. Either case if you plan on having sex with someone, you also have to make sure that they're ready for sex as well and that hopefully you both agree on doing it the safe way.

That's what we're going to talk about. This is meant for everyone but it's geared more towards the women and girls out there because sometimes, we don't have someone to talk to us or tell us what's really going on.

Now ladies, sometimes when you find yourself in the mood you find yourself in the mood. No matter the guy or situation if you had a drink or a meal. You just feeling it, that strange chill up your back. The anxious feeling and don't get me started on the tingling and wetness going on in your pants. So you're ready to have sex. That's perfectly okay, there's nothing wrong with it. It's perfectly natural and healthy and please be aware to expect it. There you are with this man, whoever he might be. You both are in the nude, THE RAW. You see all of him and he see all of you. But because you're not ready for kids just yet, or you don't want any kids so you decide bring up the condom conversation. He might put one on for the sake of all things holy. He might not. Now we have a problem. Not only does he try to convince you in not using a condom, he even takes the approach of continuing where you all left off. Don't get upset men, women do it too.

Usually in a moment like that you're dumbfounded and confused and not really sure of what to do. I would personally suggest to not be put in the situation of a possible pregnancy or run the risk of contracting a sexual disease; you can tell that person right then and there I'm sorry but if you don't want to use a condom then I have to go home (or if you're hosting, you tell them to get out of your house). You tell them you refuse to engage in unprotected sex in that manner. No need to explain yourself or try to make a cute excuse. Just tell them to go and if they refuse then call the police.

Now for the ladies if it gets out of control and you're in a situation where he's pissed enough to attempt or even go ahead and try to rape you. It's best to have to things like pepper spray, and maybe a weapon or two  in places you can have easy access to. Something like a small baseball bat, even a gardening tool, or metal handle or something like that. Never let him get behind you or force you down in a pinned position where you cannot get yourself free. Spit, bite, scratch the hell out of him until you get him off and away from you. Do whatever you can to protect yourself and then run like hell even if that means leaving yourself and calling the police at the neighbor's place or somewhere like a restaurant or 24 hour store. If you can't however get away or you end up in a worst situation, still try to fight and do what you can. Then immediately call the police, it won't help or solve the problem but at least you can identify the person if you know them personally and hell take their picture at some point and send it to your friend or to an email you don't use often so in case they act crazy or the police act like you're in a land of make believe you can bust them in their ass and show them hey here's a picture. Even the police take it too far and want to know what's his name and where the man stayed and how much he weighed and if he had any tattoos. It's like DAMN MAN I'm sorry I didn't have him fill out a Yes-You-Can-Rape-Me Application. 

Now the next thing, is when you know this person is not a creeper or a future rapist. You feel comfortable with them. You both have had sex at least once and you're in a pretty ok place. One night you guys will decide to get it on in the bedroom. Well while you all are pumping and humping away, at some point doing the show someone decides to take the condom off. I won't say all men do this but also there are some women who do this as well. This is perfect example when having more than one partner can be detrimental, not only can a woman not know who the father of her baby is between the lovers she's got, but if she doesn't find out or can't get them to participate in finding out. Your baby could come down with a family or hereditary disease or illness that you yourself may have not have and that creates an even bigger problem. So at least try to keep it at one person no more than 2, and make sure you've figured out how to handle the situation. Like if they know about each other or if they don't, how they'll react to knowing they're not the only one, etc. So if you should ever become aware of the fact that whoever took the condom off, stop what you're doing push them off or crawl away from them. Tell them you're going home or they've got to go home. Ladies if you have the morning after pill definitely use it. If not see if you can get it from your doctor's office, I do believe you have to use it as soon as possible like a 48 hour range.

If you happen not to be aware or you didn't know they took the condom off and you find out your late or aren't feeling well. To contrary belief, you should not test two weeks after sex. Sometimes implantation takes a time to kick in the pregnancy hormones so you can get a positive result. Which means you may get a negative result and that'll shorten your decision time frame. You should wait until your next period to test, if you test negative, great you dodged a bullet and now you know to make sure to have a back up contraception next time like birth control, an IUD or even the morning after pill to protect yourself. If you test positive, the first thing you should do is go to your doctor's to make sure it's true. If you can't go to the doctors you can go to a clinic or planned parenthood. If it's a definite positive you should definitely go and inform the father (if you don't have more than one) and ask him what his intentions are. Don't speak of your own, just listen. If he doesn't want you or doesn't want the baby or doesn't want the both of you then you need to find out what to do with your life. I mean if you're keeping the baby or terminating the pregnancy or considering adoption. If he says he wants to keep the baby then you need to lay down some guidelines.

One of the guidelines would be marriage, not saying to do so because it's the right thing to do. But because the baby needs a legal name. If he doesn't want to get married, that's perfectly okay. You know where you stand with that person and you don't need to force the issue but please understand they're not going to change their mind about how they feel about you. So ladies give the baby YOUR LAST NAME and be done with it. If he's willing to help then allow him to do so, you don't want to deny your child from their father and trust soon enough they'll learn if he's worth it or if he's a complete asshole. Besides if something happens to you and you don't get along with the child's father and his family they have the legal right to take the child off of you because you gave the child the man's last name illegally.

In any case, raise your child to the best of your ability. If you felt that terminating the pregnancy was a good decision by all means that's perfectly okay. Never let anyone tell you it's not, they're not helping you with the baby and will be the first to say how much of a dumb ass you. I will say you will regret it and it will take a long time to get over but eventually it'll pass and you'll be able to move on. If you consider adoption, please make sure that you have a pliable reason for doing so and not because you're mad at him or disgusted he won't marry you. It's even worse when you decide you want the baby back when ever you feel like it, not only are you denying your child from being and continuing his/her happiness, but you're telling that adoptive or foster mother who can't have children that she's not allowed to even adopt. You wouldn't want someone to give you $1 million dollars after working hard, and then they take it back because they felt like it?? That hurts.

I decided to talk about this because I felt it should be talked about. Sometimes it's not as easy as having that other person participate in safe sex and be okay with using a condom. However you shouldn't jeopardize yourself just because they want to be foolish. It's your health and your choice and if someone forces you to go against your beliefs you have the right to take action and tell them NO and if needed contact the police or a friend or neighbor for that extra support.

I hope you all learn something from this and try to stay as safe as possible, and don't be so quick to jump into sex with someone you don't know very well.

Surprise, Guys!!


As The Carrot Turns: Shopping Trip



GET YOUR FURRY CUTE ASS IN THE CAR! WE'RE GOING SHOPPING LOSER!!! The jewelry store has karats on sale!

Super Silky Summer Legs

Just saw this while I was on Tumblr. Honestly part me of me is all like HOT DAMN let's try it and the other part is like NO THATS A WASTE OF FOOD!! I don't know, pay me no mind lol.

I might give it a try, my hands are always dry and peel more than bananas do in between seasons. I did have this ocean salt scrub that did wonders for my hands, but haven't been able to find it and that was also two years or so ago. Anyway I just told Madea about and I told maybe we'll give this a try have a nice summer spa day, since we don't go any place special haha!!

I spruced up the wordage so those of you not familiar could relate to it. I would say as a recommendation for the razors part, why not go buy the one where it gives you a replaceable head/cartridge. Men, you're on your own there sorry, lol. Ladies I have a soft spot for Soleil always did and always have, this is my current one and I've had it for months, cut is always clean and dulls slowly which is a plus.

Here's the instructions kids:

Next time you are feeling down, about to binge, going on a date, or just need to pamper yourself, do this. I just did it and I can not stop rubbing my legs together. It feels like I paid for that over expensive pedicure at the salon.

Ingredients & Things You'll Need

1 1/4 Cup Sugar (Yup, plain, good-ol’ white sugar)
1/2 Cup Oil (I used olive oil, but you can use any oil, coconut oil, baby oil, canola oil)
3 tablespoons Citrus (Lime or lemon)
1-2 Razors

  1. Mix everything together in a bowl.
  2. Soak your legs in the tub for 5 minutes.
  3. Shave your legs.
  4. Rub some of this mixture all over your legs.
  5. The sugar will help rub off all dirt and dead skin. Rub, rub. Feels like a mini massage. 
  6. Rinse it all off, shave again. I would use one razor per leg if you have two. You will be rinsing this razor a lot. I was GROSSED out by the amount of dead skin I was “shaving” off. It was insane! Trust me, you’ll see.
  7. Rub your legs again! Second coat of wax, oh yeah. 
  8. Rinse off! You can use a mild soap to help get some of the oil off. 
  9. Lotion your legs up, and feel the silkiness!

Now this isn’t just geared to ladies…. guys, if you want to get lucky, I suggest you offer to rub your ladies’ feet with this mix too. It feels awesome, and when you get lucky, you will be thanking me that her rough grandma feet aren’t cutting your legs, if ya know what I’m saying… hahaha.

I have silky arm pits too!!

Try it, I swear, You will want everyone to touch your legs.

If you try this, let me know! Definitely you already know that sharing is caring!!

She's Erica, Erica, Erica—


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Broken Hearted


Men, If You Don't Want To Wear A Condom...

Men and boys alike if you refuse to wear a condom, let me talk to you. You don't want to wear a condom, you can do the following:




Bunnism: An Untamed Curiosity

You guys and dolls know that while I roam about the inter-webs I always come across something fabulously entertaining and rarely heard of. I like it that way, like screw politics and why Kim is making another super star porno. I post awesomeness no one else has and if they happen to have such said awesomeness it was strictly a coincidence lol.

So Bunnism. 

I came across this while planning the Condom Week Celebration and totally had to share it with everyone. There was this wonderful Tumblr Blog, that the author doesn't write on much anymore and I found it to be said since the posts were indubitably exciting! It's called Conte De Fees and they posted absolutely fabulous pictures that I love to death. I immediately fell in love with the tag "bunnism" and wondered what exactly that could be. Or course you know my untamed Curiosity had to find out what exactly it was.

Funny thing, there's nothing on the subject really. Not even the Urban Dictionary has a definition for it. Don't worry I created a definition and if they take it so be it and I'll link it to here, if not then you all know where it came from ^_^  [Update: the definition got published on Urban Dictionary on 2/27/2013 shortly after this was written, click the Bunnism link below to see]. It can be considered as a Clothing Fetish, but come on! If every thing else has a name why can't Rabbit Clothing Fetish have a proper name?? Otherwise it's getting confused the wonderful rabbit and bunny shaped or themed vibrators and sex the Bunny Ramsey. Anyway as for the definition:

Bunnism — a sexual fetish for individuals who dress up in a bunny costume of some sort (usually a sexually enticing one). 

Hugh Hefner is totally into Bunnism

Just so we know we're not talking about cute bunny rabbit pets type obsession, this is strictly the kinky stuff that fetishes were born for! Now we will look at awesome pictures


Porn & Safe Sex

I came across an Ohio State University article talking about how the adult entertainment industry is trying to make porn or adult movies more safe sex friendly by having the actors slip on a condom at some point. Unfortunately some just settle for one condom for oral, vaginal and even anal sex. Which I wouldn't recommend, and wetting a condom done isn't good either, that causes it to be that more possible to break.

Those of you that don't know what's going on. All adult movies made in Los Angeles, California under state law, of mandatory use of condoms in their movie productions. This law was passed between 2011 and 2012. Unfortunately a lot of people in the porn industry are unhappy at how this is ruining the industry. Currently, because of the date of the article and first report, the porn industry are trying to find a loophole (in lawsuit formats) to abolish the law all together.

What do I say on this?? I'm surprised that the government would take such an abrupt stand point to promote safe sex, but I won't say I totally disagree. In my personal belief I think safe sex should always be promoted. No matter the reason or cause or even if it's after fact it should always be promoted. However making it a law for the porn industry to wear a condom knowing very well most states requires by law you have to be 18 or 21 to view or buy any thing related to "adult entertainment" is there. So to me not only are they making a cause into a double negative you're still defeating the purpose. By that I mean, you're avoiding talking about safe sex in schools and even to the elementary kids. Whether it's educators or parents, you can't expect someone to know something if you don't tell them and if you only go about it half assed and say hey use a condom and nothing else. Well of course that's not going to turn out effective. That's like saying well hey don't touch that fire with no reason. Say don't touch the fire because you can and will get hurt and possibly burnt.

USE a condom, you don't want an unplanned pregnancy or to catch a sexually transmitted disease or even HIV or AIDs.

See it's not that hard. 

Either way, I will say that this much that I do think porn stars should care more about their well being and health. I understand it's made to look realistic and that $50,000 pay check is exciting. But did you know that porn stars have to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases and HIV almost everyday. They have to present their results and all documented paperwork every time they go in for work. Some even in the end of being safe and in the clear of diseases, end up with something. One former porn star I read about ended up having Chron's Disease due to having TOO MUCH anal sex. Or to be serious about it, having unclean objects enter your vaginal or anal areas, some like baseball bats and glass bottles aren't suppose to be used for. It's truly sad when you get down to the bottom of what it is like to be a porn star. However I personally feel as long as this is their job, they should go about it the way they feel most comfortable. Some actors go hours and days having sex just to make a 30 minute clip. I think if they're willing to put their health and well being on the line and have a love for the job that they do, they should be able to go about their work in the way they feel most comfortable. If they want to use a condom so be it and if not then they don't have to. So pair up the people who want to use condoms together and those that don't together.

In any case, I've yet to see the porn stars take time out to put a condom on. It's rare to come across a porno that is not amateur or self fame even, for anyone to be using any type of contraceptives. So then I have to seriously wonder, the movies that have the actors wearing a condom must being the ones that either cost too much money to rent or own or they're not being distributed like they should.

I find the big to-do a bit silly and that's not going to solve the problem with getting people to wear condoms and practice safe sex. As for the article, not everyone watches the same TV show and you can't necessarily say that women are bound to do something by watching a show. I rarely watch TV now and what I do watch doesn't talk about sex or condoms or anything regarding the topic anyway. Just like porn is not going to make men wear condoms. Hell in college you try to find any free porn sites you can oppose to taking what little bit of money you get from your job to buying porn movies.

Hopefully in the years to come we have more people worried about teaching our children about safe sex and how to promote it. You can be a virgin or celibate and approach the situation any way you like. However if you are ready for sex and you know your partner is ready as well definitely use a condom. One condom is another night of fun without the added worry of pregnancy or a disease or cooties ^_^.

The Only Reason I Go To The Gym...


Not The Best Approach, But It'll Be Considered

Mean Girls (2004)

Latex vs. Late Text


Yay For Irresponsibility!!


Teen Pregnancy, If You're Ready Get A Condom


Even though Bristol Palin isn't a favorite in everybody's book. It doesn't mean she's totally wrong when it comes to the subject of teen pregnancy. I can't help but agree with her. When you see other women and girls pregnant and left as a statistic, you automatically say that's never going to happen to you. Regardless of situation or of your upbringing. You should never say it won't happen. Because it can and there's a possibility that it will. However to prevent this, we need to use a condom. Not all women can use birth control due to the severity of side effects and in some cases hormone deficiencies. If you refuse then you need to learn to stand up and take full responsibility of it and don't write it off as an adoption or an abortion because that baby didn't ask to be here and that can't always be a solution. 
Never say Never, ok.

Men, Bedazzle The Dick

So I came across this one night while surfing about. I found it so humorous I had to know more and believe it or not I not only found a definition for it but also a few pictures. Pejazzling is the male equivalent to Vajazzling. For those of you that don't what that is it's when a woman waxes the kitty clean, like brand new hardwood floors or those of you don't understand—HAIRLESS. Then she get's another lovely lady to glue on these cute crystals (sometimes faux fur or feathers....kinky, right??) in any shape, design or whatever you have in mind. It usually lasts for about a month or so and depending on the adhesive, you can possibly shower and go swimming with it. 

Honestly I don't know what I would say if a guy busted out his cock and it's more glittered up than a nail polish display!! That was so trippy for me and I just couldn't fathom the possibility, if guys are doing this to get more attention for the love below, I must say it's not going to work men. It really isn't and if some wild woman says that shit is hot, they're crazy!!

I even cam across a crazy article on Pejazzling that you all have to read about. Yes that's the definition I cam across that you see to the right here lol.

Hmm I wonder what will be bedazzled next?? I actually wouldn't mind seeing some bedazzled titties hahahahaa is that so wrong?? Oh my what if they come out with Ass Bedazzling?? OH MY GOODNESS! People are going too far with the fancy kitty and penis decor. Honestly just shave it or put it in a cute strip or whatever's your flavor. I'll only go so far as to pierce or dye it that's about it, sorry but I don't want random jewels falling from my crotch and confusing poor children at the swimming pool or bathroom XD.

The Different Types Of Pussy

Update: If you'd like to see a real life adaption of this chart click here 

1. Razor bump pussy. She’s still experimenting with the best Gillette model. The new razor with five blades caused a surprising amount of irritation.

 2. Honda Civic pussy. The most common type of pussy. Reliable and basic with clean lines.

 3. INTJ pussy. The clitoris is out just enough to make a pleasant introduction, but she’s not exactly dancing on the bar. 

 4. Cunnilingus pussy. Another common pussy type with strong clitoris action. Easy to go down on if you do that sort of thing (I don’t).

 5. Vintage porn pussy. Humans have long since evolved, so you won’t find a young girl with this pussy anymore. 

 6. Lazy pussy. She’s putting in zero effort with her appearance yet still expects guys to approach her all night. You suspect she alternates between only two “going out” outfits. 

7. Spinster pussy. This scraggly and worn pussy gave up and is ready for the body attached to it to die. 

8. Dog ear in the wind pussy. The clitoris flaps around like it has a mind of its own, but trying to understand its movements will only confuse you. 

9. Rain drop pussy. One more drop of pussy flesh and the surface tension will no longer be able to hold the entire apparatus to her body. I like the clitoris here more than the dog ear in the wind pussy because it’s easier to diddle. 

10. Pedophile pussy. Perverted men put it all on the line to score this virginal pussy. It’s as pristine as a mountain spring—can you blame them? 

11. Predator pussy. If you stare at this pussy for 40 seconds, an image of the Predator alien will pop out at you. 

12. Big pussy. Easy entry/exit, but she won’t feel anything if you’re not well-equipped. She’ll be polite, though, and let out a few token moans at your ineffective thrusts.

13. Experienced pussy. This pussy tries to fake but those bumps don’t lie. They act like tree rings and are easily measurable by trained scientists. 

14. Social anxiety pussy. Awkward body language and tonality. You need a lot of foreplay with this one.

15. Domestic violence pussy. The pussy got out of line so the man had to slap it around, leading to a swollen, tender appearance. (That reminds me—what do you say to a girl with a black eye? Answer: Bitch I already told you once!) 

16. Diarrhea pussy. This pussy ate a bad meal from Taco Bell and is now shooting semi-digested pellets into the toilet bowl. 

17. Toyota Camry pussy. Roomier version of the Honda Civic pussy and more reliable with lower maintenance costs. Bring along a couple of your friends. 

18. Last minute pussy. God didn’t decide on the gender of this pussy until the last minute, hence the huge meaty bit that makes penetration extra challenging. 

19. Chubby pussy. You look at this pussy and are not sure whether to recommend the cookie diet or P90X. 
20. Shy pussy. More outgoing than social anxiety pussy, but her constant silence makes you wonder, “Does she like me? Is she playing games?” 

21. Developmentally stunted pussy. If they caught the problem early then an endocrinologist could have prescribed a hormone treatment, but unfortunately it’s too late now and what you got is a pussy that is small and under-powered. 

22. Used to be fat pussy. This pussy has lost so much weight that the remaining skin is flabby and loose like an overripe pear. 

23. McMansion pussy. You love this pussy in the beginning, bragging to your friends about all the extra storage space it contains, but then once you see your electric bill you wish you bought something more economical. 

24. Eagle pussy. Wings in the back offer more stability during flight. Graceful, earnest. 

25. Interstate highway pussy. When they built this pussy it was like a dream to drive on the freshly paved asphalt, but over development of the surrounding areas has led to intolerable sprawl. 

26. Anteater pussy. How your grandma’s pussy looks like. Loosening muscle and skin has forced the first couple inches of the vaginal canal to prolapse outside of the body. Grandpa ain’t complaining though… that sly devil. 

27. Terminator pussy. One of Skynet’s first models. The clitoris has a formidable exoskeleton that will swallow up your dick if you don’t disable the chip first. 

28. Turkey pussy. Wings, giblet, caruncle, wattle—you got it all here. Starter package comes with special handling instructions and food for the first month. 

29. Department store pussy. It looked great when you tried it on in the fitting room, but at home it looks a little off. Maybe it’s one size too small? 

30. Morbidly obese pussy. When this pussy gets sick you need to need to call the special ambulance with the human crane. All hands on deck!

source: ShinBow

Happy Hump Day!!


Plastic Dreams

While I was on the internet finding ideas I could use to incorporate into my Bunny List of how to enjoy my summer as well as enjoy being single. I came across this post written in the Boston Magazine about a year ago. I honestly was happy I came across it. It's called Single By Choice.

This article took my breath away and made me unbelievably happy with how well it was written and all the topics covered. Though I did disagree with a lot of the things they talked about and felt it was inappropriate to categorize every single person under the same or very limited groups.

I personally took offense to the article and whoever saying that single people are single because their parent's had terrible relationships. I also disagree that ever single person either didn't want a life of marriage or never were interested from the beginning. In my case neither accusations are true. I came from a loving household and my parents were happily married for 42 years until my father died. I also grew up knowing and knew I wanted to be married and have my own family. Unfortunately, I grew up with the false sense of security hoping that people wanted these things just as much as I did. I didn't expect that the lousy guys from high school would be at college or that the world would be overrun with them. I guess I was hopping for some Utopia of something great and when I didn't receive it was confused, unhappy and quite hurt and pissed off. I also didn't expect that while being single I would be portrayed as being the bad guy. Just like the article says we single people are seen as incompetent, selfish and lonely people who aren't mentally or emotionally stable for relationships. That farthest from the truth! I've noticed that it's the truth, people in society have planted it in concrete and refuse to break the mold.

Just because I may be out of work, and at home with my mother doesn't mean I'm a failure at life or enjoy being single or even a failure as a woman. I have gone out and look for work, but they only want to hire women who are educated or those who have families. The government gives breaks to those who are coupled off or married or with dependents (children). Even brands and media are geared towards coupled people. I honestly would rather see a single woman trying to live her life out and figure it out oppose to watching another fucking minute of the Bachelor. I even get offended with coupons and deals that are aimed to coupled people. The the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that in 2008 single people accounted for 35 percent of all consumer spending, and made $2.2 trillion worth of purchases, a 30 percent increase from five years earlier.

Did you know that for a college student to get a break from their student loan debt (even if they default) they can get half written off by being married. They can get it all written off if they have children or are on welfare (to get welfare in the state of Pennsylvania you have to be pregnant or with at least one child). Today, there are more than 1,100 federal provisions that provide benefits and protections exclusively to couples.Yesterday on the news they made an announcement that now Homosexual Couples can now apply for the adoption tax credit if one adopts the other partner's child(ren), however this does not include Heterosexual Couples.

I'll definitely say now that it's not fair that society has grown from people getting married for family prosperity and reputation or even negotiable arrangements like back when two kingdoms would combine to become a bigger stronger kingdom. To say well people get married for love, even in today's society that's no longer the case. However society now is forcing people into getting married just to live this so called happy lifestyle. I know single men have their problems, but they don't get the bullshit like single women do. People actually believe we're single because we're the problem or we're inadequate when it comes to marriage, love and relationships. But that isn't the case, with the way people are so wishy-washy it's not like you've got a lifetime to find out which is which and go from there. If you were given a long time frame then so be it. Since we only get a good 20 or 30 so of years finding the right soul mate, marrying them and reproducing with them. We still have other things to do like going to school and building a life for ourselves whether it's a career or a just a job. Those things take time too! Even if you decide to go at either separately or together it's still the same as taking a huge chunk of your lifetime.

I say that we as single people need to stand up and let the world know that we exist and NO WE AREN'T GOING AWAY. We live here just like you do, and we do more than a coupled off person does. We buy the products, we go out more, and we are the ones traveling the world and enjoying time on our own. Yeah being single can and will get lonely and boring after awhile. However if you're determined to make it your livelihood you can make it a happy one. Stay away from coupled off people, they only know of their spouse or their kids or how much Disneyland Costs. Who wants to hear that but others in the same situation as them?? Just because you've decided to be single doesn't mean you can't enjoy sex, or going to the movies alone or eating alone--it's terrifying! Believe me I know! However do you want to sit at home and let the coupled off people, the government and society make you become everything they said you would become??? HELL NO!! Get out there and be a fucking proud ass singleton and tell them to shove that Life, Love & Family bullshit up their ass and if they insist on being defiant about it and want to tell you about yourself. Tell them I'll personally shove my stiletto so far up their ass they'll become a short live fashion trend.

We may not have the same hopes and dreams, but at least we don't believe in Plastic Hopes & Dreams to satisfy someone's desires. Those that have to fabricate a lifestyle and pretend, really wasn't sure of what they were getting themselves into in the first place. That's also my personal opinion too, lol.

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Old McDonald's Farm....


Sorry But I Disagree

I'm sorry but I really can not agree to this. It reminded me of a conversation I had with a Facebook Flunkie the other night.

He felt that everyone should wait to have sex until they're adult or no longer a student of any kind.

If that was the case no one will be able to actually have an enjoyable sexual lifestyle. I especially think that also compromises someone when they're first in love thinking the person they first have sex with will be the one they marry. It may even turn negative and destructive and they go throughout life thinking whoever they have sex with will marry them. Or it may even prevent people from having sex and they'll be sitting there waiting for Mr./Mrs. Marriage Proposal and never get it and end up being a virgin without ever being able to know even the slightest of joys that sex can bring.

I'm not saying you should get out there and hump every man or woman until you break your pelvis. But if you feel like you want to have sex with someone you do so on agreeable terms amongst yourselves. If it's kept consensual and safe, I see no problem with it. By experimenting you also learn what you like. Hell we all don't like it Missionary. Some may like it from the back, or cocktail or even the jack hammer positions. Others may even be interested in Karma Sutra (there's a link at the bottom of the page of a great site!!). You might even be interested in other things lik sex toys, voyeurism and even BDSM. If you've got to wait around and be single for 90 fucking years, it's far from being worth. Hell that's the age, that even getting up can break 150 bones and sprain like 40 muscles!!

All in all kids, don't let those religious freaks and over emotional unstable hypochondriacs tell you that having premarital sex is wrong or bad. It's perfectly healthy and like I've always said before, you might come across a sexy piece of ass and you can't help but get a boner or wet panties (or those of you that get lady boners like I do). You either go and rape them or sit back and watch and be a virgin for the rest of your life. By rape I mean shout SURPRISE before so, you don't want to be held accountable for anything illegal ^_^.

Besides you ask for wedding rings when you in a relationship for 10 fucking years and they consider you nothing more than a secret sex toy. Or ladies if he's asking you for a blow job, wedding rings. Men if she's asking for a new wardrobe and car, wedding rings. IF SOMEONE'S PREGNANT or GOT SOMEONE ELSE PREGNANT....WEDDING RINGS!!! 

OTHER THAN THE LIST ABOVE....Use a damn condom.

A Man Is The Epitome Of Sexiness When He Wears A Condom


Single vs. Taken 2


Movies For National Condom Month

I was thinking about this and I thought I would give you guys and dolls a list of movies that either promote safe sex or let you know what happens when you refuse lol. Some are comedies and others aren't but this is for learning purposes. I am not going to post ones like the American Pie series, because they make it to be humorous and give you the false sense of security that it'll work out in the end. That's not always the case. These movies talk about love and relationships as well as how sex can turn a situation into something no one can expect.

If I can think of more, I'll definitely let you guys know. If you know of any you can also comment below so we all can learn together. We all can learn something new everyday and hey you might come across a movie you never seen or might enjoy :).

The titles that have a asterisk/star (*), these are the must sees
I've seen them and watched and they are really and truly worth it. 
Especially The People I've Slept With, Kids and A Good Day To Be Black & Sexy
Those three cover a vast of topics regarding sex.
Also these are in no particular order.

  1. The People I've Slept With*
  2. Booty Call
  3. Descent*
  4. Juno
  5. Knocked Up
  6. Kids*
  7. The Last American Virgin*
  8. Baby Boy
  9. The Players Club
  10. I Think I Love My Wife*
  11. A Good Day To Be Black & Sexy*
  12. Troís
  13. The Other Sister
  14. Teeth
  15. Barbarella
  16. Precious
  17. How To Be A Player
  18. Friends & Lovers The Play
  19. Body Heat
  20. Fritz The Cat
  21. Heavy Traffic
  22. B Gata H Kei Yamada’s First Time (anime series)*
  23. Playas Ball*
  24. Housewife's Afternoon Delight

Happy, Happy! Condom, Joy!

As usual when I browse the internet I always come across fascinating things that I wish to share with my favorite people in the whole wide world! Yup, you guys & dolls :D. This time around I found some condom themed pictures of awesomeness, to see the original articles just click the pictures. To be honest, I'm quite interested in the condom pillow haha.

Condom Pillows

Novelty Condoms

Condom Pills

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Bunny Bucket List

So since I'm on an unofficial quest of....finding myself. I decided to do something most wait until their days are numbered to do.

About a month or so ago while I was coming to terms to being single, I came across this forum where they were discussing what life would be like single permanently. I made mention of this decision in Closing The Door. After reading what everyone wrote I felt better about my decision and I refuse to let anyone change my mind on this. I don't care if Mr. Right or Mr. Good Enough waltz in my life possessing everything I had ever hope for. You were way too late. The way I see it, it was selfish of him to have a good time or date other people while I sat around like a wallflower waiting for him. When he's ready to settle down I have to comply. No way buster. Now you suffer the way I had to without you.

Anyway. A guy from the forum made mention of how his life long dream wasn't about getting married and raising a family. He said if it happens fine, if not then that's fine too! What really stood out and made sense to me was when he said his life long dream was to drive an ice cream truck. At first, I'll admit, the whole idea of someone wanting to drive the happy tuned vehicle that holds a huge amount of significance in almost every child's memory was quite silly to me. Why would you want to do that??

It wasn't until I had an argument with someone over my decision about giving up and how I'll always be alone crap--that saying hit me hard and finally made some sense.

Thus, I've decided to do a Bucket List so to speak for the summer, that I hope I can continue annually. There will be things I know I can accomplish. Things that are fun and things that will create a great memory for me. My life maybe in a sucky place right now and I might not be able to do a thing about changing it. But I won't let that ruin another year for me. I'm looking for the puzzle that I belong in. I want to know what my purpose is and I also want to know what it is that's going to make me achieve that happiness that others talk so fondly of. To some this may sound silly and bring to mind as activities to do during the summer. But it's so much more than that. I'm taking the rest of this time to make it count and prevent from regretting all the things I didn't do or wasn't able to do, due to chasing after something I thought I wanted but didn't know I couldn't have. But Bucket List sounds sooo I'm gonna die right sometime soon-ish.

Thus I've decided to call it The Bunny List. I'll still have my Bucket List and things I want to do before I die like go visit or live in Japan and travel the world and see many other things. And no getting married and having kids aren't on that list lol. As for the Bunny List these are short term goals that can be accomplished. Things I can easily hop to and hop from without having to make out a serious step-by-step plan or needing things like money or others for that matter. These will be things like going to the park one day, or going to have a root beer float or even making my own green tea ice cream. Hopefully my mama will participate with some of them if she can. If not then I'll have to make it a VIP Party of One Awesomeness lol. Might even consider doing the 31 Day Nail Challenge again! I plan on making this decision on being single a fulfilling as well as a choice I know I can personally be happy with. I don't want to be that boring, sit at home alone cat loving lady who knows nothing about the real world. I plan on doing things that make me happy and hopefully as the years come, also accomplish more and more goals because I know they'll get bigger.

I'm doing this to show the world that being single doesn't have to suck, and I don't care what anybody says. I hope that other singletons out there can come to the point to accept, embrace and speak up for being single [Read: Plastic Dreams]. Ain't no shame in our game, it's just got the same name, different rules and played on a different court is all.


My mom used this word when she was talking about Beyoncé's Inauguration performance when she lip synched the hell out of National Anthem.

I told her I don't buy the whole the wind and cold was the problem when she uses the hurricane tornado wind machine at her concerts and she seems to perform just fine. Not everybody has summer weather so I personally feel that's all bullshit and if you don't like it I'll personally send you a complimentary dildo to go FUCK YOURSELF with ok!!

Thus my mom created this word.

Pathetiblea step down from being pathetic: I can't believe she is so full of herself, she's pathetible.

Live By Your Standards


Chrome Pointer