Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bunny's Confessions

Its over!! Oh noes!! Lol well it might be over but don't worry we've got plenty more of projects planned!

While I was in the beginning process of planning all this out. I found myself wanting to repeat what I had already done an accomplished in the 25 Days Of Bunny project. Then of course I second guess myself as always like should I be doing this?? Then my twisted mind always replies yes. Even though a few got repeated from the 25DOB I still felt ok with it because to me it was more of a follow up and a lot can change over the course of 6 months.

It wasn't as hard as the 25DOB and I'm happy for that. That by far was the most grueling thing I ever experienced other than the 31 Day Nail Challenge of course lol. I just unfortunately got started late due to Hurricane Sandy and trying to finish up the 13 Day Novel (which is still a work in progress so don't worry ok!!).

But either way I felt it was a need to write about the things that are a part of me and forever will be. As well as the things that plague my body from head, heart to soul. Either way hope that you all enjoyed the process of my Confessions and were able to understand a little bit more about me, like I always try to do.

1. Hallow's Eve
2. Laughter's Cure
3. A Spoiled Baby
4. Otaku Usagi
5. Problem Solver
6. Fetishes
7. Love/Hate
8. A Spiritual Pirate
9. Confident
10. A Compassionate Bitch
11. Never A Wife, Neither A Mistress
12. What Ifs
13. Flunkie
14. Glittered Nails
15. A Hypocrite
16. Cooking vs. Baking
17. You Can Even Be TOO Blunt
18. LéSans' Naïveté
19. Off Standish
20. For The Love Of Tough Love
21. 50 Complaints of Bunny
22. Exercising-A-No-No
23. Leave Me Alone
24. Imperfectly Unpretty
25. Grammar Nazi
26. Japtalian
27. Life As A Visualist
28. Lucky No. 7
29. My Sister's Keeper
30. A Sinning Saint
31. If I Could...
32. SemiThankful

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