Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Little Something I Tell Myself

It may not be the most positive thing to do. However I feel inclined to do when others make me feel like I'm suppose to think I'm attractive or cute enough. It's even worst when a man who's already spoken for, will stop at nothing to get you in some bed, whom's isn't important, and tell you how wonderful and beautiful and great you are and then out of the same breathe say how much he loves his significant other. Well thanks you already fucked me over no need to kill my self esteem and feelings. Yet they blame women for the way they dress or look or mistake a decent hello as being flirtatious and "wanting the dick." That's not always the case. It makes me angry when men put me in that category with everybody else. Don't botch at me when I do it when you've already had a pre-made assumption of me from the beginning. Who the hell tells a woman how beautiful she is and how gorgeous she is and then out of the same breath say her lips are telling him she gives tremendous oral sex??? A guy actually said that to me and had the nerve to get offended when I said I don't so that and when I asked him what his point was—you know what he said?? He was trying to get me horny so we can have sex immediately.

You don't have to love or like me, but dammit I deserve to be respected. No I'm not going to give free sexual favors of any kind to anybody who's not giving me a good damn reason. Hell pay my debt off and we'll definitely talk and if not—then you were never worthy in the first place and you had no intention on showing any type of feelings for me anyway. I was just a quick fuck for you or so I was told I'm your customizable Barbie and that Godzilla bitch that's waiting for you to come home is whom you love the most.

Oh I gotcha, makes sense. I'm sorry, I'm nothing like your wife/girlfriend and I love to be disrespected by all means continue what you're doing. I don't need anybody to want or love me, because she's so much better than I, right?? Gotcha.


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