Sunday, December 2, 2012

24 Days Of Christmas | Day 1

"Creeper Claus"

My mama said that when I was younger they took me out during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. The time where everybody is shopping and buying things for loved ones. Where the department stores, malls and other stores have a Santa ho ho ho-ing with glee, spreading Christmas cheer.

Anyway so my parents take me to an old store that's no longer operating called Hills. There they had a Santa Claus passing out candy canes, talking and playing with the other children. Then on a whim he decided to come to talk to me. The conversation when something like this:

Santa Claus: Why hello there little girl, how are you?

Lil Bunny: Good.

Santa Claus: Have you decided what you've wanted for Christmas?

Lil Bunny: Why??

Santa Claus: Well most children tell me what they want for Christmas. That's how it works.

Lil Bunny: You sure you're the real Santa? A bunch of your brothers work at the other stores.

Santa Claus: Well they're helpers for Santa like I am.

Lil Bunny: Helpers??

Santa Claus: Yes, Santa's so busy getting ready for Christmas he can't visit every department store.

Lil Bunny: Ohh...

Santa Claus: So are you going to tell me what you want for Christmas?

Lil Bunny: Are you a stranger?

Santa Claus: Well in a sort yes I am a stranger.

Lil Bunny: Mama said not to talk to strangers. I can't talk to you and you gotta stop bothering me.

My mama told me the man was so out done that he couldn't help but laugh at what I said and he told my parents that I did have a point lol.

Lil Bunny was always suspicious of the man in red and white lol.

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