Saturday, December 1, 2012

12 Days Of Christmas (Times Two!!)

Well if you've been around you know a few years ago I did the 12 Days Of Christmas project. Well I considered doing it again. But unfortunately I was scarce and was MIA most of last year. So I've decided to make up for it like I'm doing with all the posts!

Well this year instead of 12 Days of Christmas I've decided to Double it! And make it 24 Days ^_^. No twist or pun involved this time either lol.

So here's the game plan kids. For the first 12 Days I've decided to tell you guys 12 anecdotal Christmas Stories, mine of course. Because if it were anybody else's it be plagiarism. Anyway, and the next 12 Days will be about the lovely Christmas season all the good, the bad and the ugliness of it. So it'll be eclectic yet full of some holiday something or other. Yeah and if not you know me I'll wing it like always :D haha!

So December is finally here and thus it's Time to start the 24 [Bunny] Days Of Christmas!!

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