Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sex With Bruno Tonioli

Because the Steelers game was on last night. They're showing Dancing with the Stars this morning. It's still on as we speak.

So Derek Hough and Shawn Johnson did this crazy tribal trio dance with Mark Ballas. There was gyration and pelvic thrusting—the hard kind. Sexual innuendos all over the place and it looked more like a Zulu Tribal mating ritual than an actual supposed samba dance if you ask me. Not that I'm siding with Lynn—I'm just saying. I've seen the same moves in pornos just with less clothes.

Anyway so when Bruno's turn came to discuss how it went. His ever colorful character and pleasing disposition makes you want to smile and giggle with glee. It's like no matter what happens he always gets a boner from it and just goes crazy. He's truly hilarious.

So my mom being who she is. She decided to spark up this conversation that went something like this:

Madea: OH MY GOD!! He would drive a woman crazy!!

Bunny: What do you mean?

Madea: He never shuts the hell up. You've got to tell him to shut the hell up!

*long pause*

Madea: Imagine sex with him...

Bunny: WHAT?!

Madea: YEAAA!! Like GOD he be talking during the process. ALL LIKE OOHHH DARLING THAT WAS SIMPLY MAGNIFICENT AND IT WAS SO MAGICAL!! NO Bruno!! Shut the fuck up how about that??


Madea: Hell his boner would be down and he'd still be talking dumb shit like WHAT THE FUCK?! SHUT UP!! Don't you see me tryna catch a damn nap and shit?? Look at you still talking—SHUT UP!!


Love my mama

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