Monday, November 19, 2012

Mike or Ike??

So yesterday I was on Facebook and I happen to come across this post that was talking about the candy Mike and Ike's.

So I had noticed the past couple months at the store that the Mike was always crossed out and I originally thought they went out of business or split and needed a new name. I paid it no mind. But when I saw more and more boxes like this this, I wondered then if some punk rebellious teen/kid did that or someone that worked at the store did so. It's quite mind boggling!

Well I saw that post yesterday and decided to google and I finally came across an answer but it wasn't what I was looking for really. It said in April 2012 they decided to change their target audience and do this sort of "split up" to get the youngsters attention.

Well I went to the store last night and low and behold in the candy section was Mike and Ike's. I recall reading that someone commented that Ike's name was crossed out and I didn't see that. However at the store I SAW BOTH!! What's the odds of that?? So I brought them because I told my mom about it. She of course snapped out because she thought somebody's uncouth child messed the box up and to go get another one. I told her it was produced like that lol. Madea wasn't feeling it XD.

Well the boxes gave a better interpretation about this crazy fictional feud. I decided to take a picture and post it for everybody because I found it humorous after I got the joke lol.

Here take a look:

It's even better that each character signed it to make the message a bit more personal lol. I haven't scanned the QR code or gone to Facebook to see what was up but I still find it cute and quite intriguing now.

How many of you wondered about the scratched out Mike and Ike candy boxes too?? Lol.

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