Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bunny's Confessions #27

"Life As A Visualist"

The whole while the Visualist is wondering why we came out to sea in the first place without a destination or pliable reason. Lol.

All my life I've always been a visualist. It just wasn't brought to my attention until later. I never had an issue but I enjoyed asking what ifs and wondering if one action could spring off into a chaos of other actions—good, bad or indifferent. I wanted to look at all of the picture. I didn't want to miss what could be a very important detail. Unfortunately whilst the others are arguing over a glass of water. I'm wonder weather or not if we can have a better more visually appeasing glass that houses something more than just water like juice or soda lol.

I remember one day in high school and I had a disagreement with one of my teachers. She was cooky woman who never comb her hair nor bathed regularly and couldn't teach class without bringing up her grand kids or how she knew my uncle from time to time. Well she was determined this day oh well we'll say we're arguing over the color blue. It went something like this:

Teacher: Class this is the color Blue. It is blue and only blue and will forever stay blue.

Class: Alright.

Bunny: But what if it's not blue?

Teacher: I beg your pardon? What other color would it be?

Bunny: it could be a teal that appears to be blue, even a purple that resembles blue.

Teacher: Bunny, this is the color Blue.

Bunny: Yes that is its appearance but it's not blue.

Teacher: Then enlighten us Bunny what color do you call this then?

Bunny: Cornsilk.

Teacher: You're a Visualist. Blue is Blue.

Bunny: Well if that's the case Miss. Then there wouldn't be Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Turquoise, Light Blue, Periwinkle, Baby Blue...

Student from Class: What are you a Crayola expert?? Shut up!

Teacher: Thank you. Moving on.

Bunny: but that wasn't blue—it's cornsilk...

I went home that day and told my dad what happened. He told me not worry and made mention that one of his high school teachers called him a Russian Communist. Which at the time I didn't find hilarious. But my parents did tell me if I believed that the color was in fact cornsilk then that's all that matters. Just as long I believed in that feeling and voiced it that's fine. Others can agree or disagree and that's ok. For the longest time I never understood that nor could I grasp it. You wouldn't say the color Pink is Red just because it's a diminutive of the Red hue family right??

Even in college I saw things differently and achieved things in my own way—that's how it should be. Unfortunately when you do that you're labeled as being strange or ill-equipped. Either way that's fine too. I see things for what they are. Like job searching:

The optimist will say he has enough experience for a job.

The pessimist will say he only has a little bit of experience but still capable of doing the job.

The realist will say I have 3 college degrees.

The Visualist is saying I don't have the necessary education for the job due to circumstances, nor do I have the experience but it doesn't mean I cannot be taught the job and work it as good as the ones above me.

Maybe one day this will be taken into account that the oddest of people in life are visualists. They looked at all of the picture not just the key parts or the main subject. We wouldn't have the inventions we use on a daily basis if those people didn't think that something more could be done.

Right now I would like to defy the world and let them know, not everyone needs to go to college to perform a job. Show me twice I've got it down pat by the third time. I've always been a fast learner and I love learning something knew. I may not remember it all but it's the fact I experienced a new task out of my daily routine that makes it worth my while.

Even though people feel that my excessive blogging is ridiculous and how I need to make friends and find a marriage partner. I see differently. I get to talk to people who care to read what I write. Those who may feel the way I do, those who want to learn something new or even those who need a laugh or something to feel dedicated to. Whatever the reason it maybe for other people to visit this blog. That's why I do it. It makes me happy and makes them happy and that's biggest most beautiful work of art of them all ^_^.

Yes you know the blue conversation was just metaphorically speaking—I won't deny that I wouldn't argue it though XD!

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