Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bunny's Confessions #26


Because my dad is actually mixed in race. I never really knew what my race was. There's only the skin color categories but to be honest I never fit. Too Caucasian for the African Americans and too African American for the Caucasians. So it's like what exactly am I?

Well my mom told me her aunt always said my dad was one of those "Japtalians." He looked white but was black, yet had a white father (who to this day is unknown) and a black mother. He was strange and not many people who claim the color race look like him even strictly by genetics. Just not possible or at least I don't think so lol.

It wasn't until we had to bury my dad and we received his birth certificate. My mama said he always wanted to be black because he felt comfortable with that. Yet when he went into the military they marked him a Caucasian and refused to change it. At least until he died. They marked his race as Not Applicable on his death certificate. Well he had the features of a white man and spoke and acted as such as well. But he considered hisself black, I mean he did love chicken so...

Well as I grew up I always noticed that people would stare or point and whisper. My parents never taught me that color should be a factor with someone. It's their personality and all about character. That's as it should be. Even thought I was never deemed mixed race, I was treated as such. I never did like that. But I had no choice but to accept it.

I remember one day arguing with my dad over something silly and he asked me what my excuse was and I told him it was because I am a Japtalian. He couldn't help but laugh at the fact I through the argument for a whirl. I enjoyed that. I felt comfortable than being called a mutt or an other. There are many people who don't have a race define and the ones available don't match up. So therefore I say those mutts and others are Japtalians as well.

It wasn't until a few years ago when I made mention on twitter in a joke that I was raised in the Land of Japtaly. One of my friends laughed and found it to be hilarious. My ancestors came from Japoli a nice quant little town outside of the capital of Japtaly. We love all kinds of foods and we are mostly eccentric eclectics who are easily distracted by mesmerizing things, we know about many different culture and always willing to learn something new—does this sound like you?? Then you are Japtalian as well :D!

It might be silly but I think it should be an option.

I'm Japtalian and I know it. So was my father. I may not be a pure biracial like most out there, but I'm a good back up and I know they at jealous—no just kidding lol.

Maybe one day this can be turned into something great in a positive note of course ^_^.

Oh? So where exactly is the Land Of Japtaly?? It's was off the North Western coast of Atlantis. When Atlantis sunk it let out this huge tidal wave and washed our little country to pieces. Whilst sending the ancestors all over the world to incubate and inhabit new land. Poor great-great-great-great grandmother Annemarie and her dear sister Genevieve.

I'm just making that up but that sounds like a great story doesn't it??? Lol

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