Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bunny's Confessions #22


It's funny how this was strategically placed isn't it?? Lol.

Well while most people are fattening themselves for Thanksgiving today. More than likely after all the leftovers are gone, they'll be back on the food grind for Christmas and come January they'll be working out like crazy cave people trying to snag a wholly mammoth for dinner.

I for one never liked exercising. It's such a chore to me and I don't know how people have the get up and go to do so. It's tiring just talking about it. I blame exercise for making people skinny and making me looking like a buff boy in high school.

But I will say I appreciate the moderate exercising I did get (since I also flunked gym every year except for one). After I got to college I had aches and pains I didn't have before and didn't like it too much. You would think with all the walking to and from class we would be ultra fit! However those late nights eating junk food because the cafeteria closes before you even get a potty break in class kinda packs the weight on. I went from a size 18 starting college to a size 26 back down to a 20 which wasn't too bad. But still a problem.

Well when I decided back in late march that I wanted to lose some weight. I would do whatever possible to do so. Unfortunately since I have a bad back, only so much I can do. If I had painkillers—GREAT! But since I don't we got to keep it extra safety lol. What I've been doing is walking a lot. I've noticed my back doesn't hurt as much as it did last year. So that's a plus. I park far away so I can get my fast walk on to and from the car. I walk around the store an extra few minutes if its not crowded or late.

I would walk up here by the house but unfortunately there's pitbulls and evil raccoons who always are ready to attack. So I chose safety over weight.

One exercise I did like was working with the Wii. It's fun and interesting and holds my attention. Who wants to stare at a buff sweaty man screaming his own name while he has mirror sex with himself (Mirror Sex—the art of checking oneself out in the mirror longer than necessary)?? Ew no thanks, I'm good.

Ehh maybe over these next few years it'll get easier and make more sense. Just got to find an exercise that entertains me and holds my attention as well as helps me lose weight.

So don't feel discourage fellow couch potato, I don't like exercising either lol.

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