Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bunny's Confessions #20

"For The Love Of Tough Love"

When we all get to experience good love we feel that there is nothing else like it. It's only one of a kind. When you truly think about it, love is always perceived as a positive good thing. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. However it does create a problem when all you've known is good love and then you experience the bad, the ugly, the death defying and tough loves.

I always felt that even thought some may not have to like me you can still show some compassion. Because I would do it to you. But that all changed after being bullied and picked on in high school and have people in college act like I'm not suppose to receive an equal adequate education. That is when I experienced tough love.

After college I finally experienced true love. I loved every single moment of it, until it got crushed and taken from me before I could act on it. Not that it would've made much difference. Married men are oh so holy!! Ehh that's bullshit, if I do say so myself. Then I tried for true love again and I enjoyed that love as well. Until my love was seen as nothing more than a novelty and the wonderful moment which followed about my having to get home the best way I knew how because I refused to show any type of intimate love—love flew out the window faster than it came in. That my friends are the ugly and bad loves.

Now the death defying love I've never experienced and I doubt there's that much love in the world. However it exists. Ever hear that girl talk about how much she loves her man and yet he beats her up every chance he gets?? Yeah, it's beautiful how he ends a sucker punch "I love you to death.....and I mean it to." Call it psychotic, call it love—call it what you may. But if a dude so much looks at me wrong I'm going to war!! But that's not love it's abuse that both the abuser and abusee loves in a weird substantial sort of way. Death Defying Love—no thanks.

There isn't any good, true, bad, or ugly loves like I originally thought. There's only true love and tough love. True love meaning that its pure, true and you don't need to second guess it. Like parental love. Now the latter isn't always portrayed you usually experience that on your own. Sometimes in small doses and sometimes like mine in a grand canyon dose that turns you jaded, scorn and bitter. But think about it—who would want to hear a sad story about a girl who fell in love with a man who was already betrothed and happy, then we find our heroine pregnant by another man who never loved and also loved two others. It leaves her unhappy, bitter and scorn; Jaded by the mere presence of love??

I don't think that would be a blockbuster, do you??

In some cases, we all need a little bit of tough love. What doesn't kill us is suppose to make us stronger and more wiser. But on the same token that's not always hold true.

But I will say this those that experience heavy non stop doses of tough love, will in fact turn into a Tough're looking at one ;).

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