Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bunny's Confessions #19

"Off Standish"

A few people have told me that I can be very off standish at times. It's not because I didn't want to bothered or talk to someone new. It's mostly out of a reflex. I get nervous and panic and my first thing to do is run away to a safe place. Hmm, odd that part of me haven changed within the past 15 years if not more I dunno.

Even to this day I do the same thing. Wether I run to the car or get home. I get over my anxiety attack and I'm comfortable again unless its someone I know and I feel comfortable with, then I can make eye contact and not be afraid so to speak. I can't honestly believe that I can't get rid of it. Maybe it's the thought of communicating that brings out the absolute worst in my and I panic and lose all intelligence and run away in pure stricken fear....or maybe I'm just a weirdo lol.

My mama told me that my dad was like that when they were growing up. She even made mention that well past into his adulthood he was still like that. So I guess it's true what she said, I am my Father's Daughter ^_^. We liked to be weirdos lol.

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