Friday, November 16, 2012

Bunny's Confessions #16

"Cooking vs. Baking"

I know every woman should know how to cook. Even out of self need. But I just never really been that involve. My patience are too little and I get frustrate easily. It's so time consuming and crazy that I possibly can't come to terms with it. I enjoy the cooking shows to a point but then again I would never try what the do.

I guess I'll get excited bout cooking when I don't have to get all my ingredients from all over the mini global sized Kitchen, and I don't have to cook all the main course separately but in enough time to have it all together and warmed. Don't get me started on the mathematician portion. God!! I left math in high school why must we keep bringing it up??? Then if you burn it there goes all that preparation and hard work down the drain!! Then if your cooking for oneself there's no one to say how tasty it is Ben if they are being respectively nice about not hurting your feelings. It's like let's both be honest I know you know that it sucks—end of story. Then leftovers only last but so many days. Oh my goodness in getting exhausted just thinking about it!!

However—I love to bake. Love everything about baking and pastry making. Why?? Because you get to lick the bowl. There's a reward in between the hard work XD. Plus I also love sweets and would rather bake and bake like there was no tomorrow. It's even better when you got a human guinea pig to feed sweets and make fat hahaha! But I love all the different type of baking you can make! From the molds to the different recipes, to the new things that come everyday! Like all the different cheesecakes! How many meatloaves have you seen in a variety?? NONE! Ugh!! Plus it looks so pretty and dainty! Maybe it's the girl in me but I love it. I guess that's how my poor easy bake oven died.

I will say this much, I am willing to learn to cook. You never know one day the fast good chains might disappear and I'll have like 80 cats to feed!! Lol.

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