Monday, October 8, 2012

When My Horoscope Talks Crazy To Me...

Now there was a time where I stopped reading my horoscope because I got tired of hearing about romantic this and romanticism this. Like let's get serious if it was easy to pick up a lover as the horoscope says I wouldn't be single right?? Then it would talk about oh today your lover's going to propose to you or how we're going to spend a romantic evening together or how if I'm single Mr. Right will be at Coffee shop sitting the 3rd seat from the upper left.....

Yea ok.

Anyway this got me for today. Since the past couple weeks or so it's been talking about my wonderful awesome job I don't have or my extraordinary lover that I've yet to meet. I thought the one for today was a bit far fetched:

Your fantasies could come true now, especially when it comes to relationships, Taurus. This could be the moment you've always dreamed about, so get ready. The attractive, romantic person in the corner has been keeping an eye on you all night. Your blood is pumping faster than ever. Remind yourself that all dreams can come true on a day such as today.

Who the fuck wrote this?? Walt Disney Studios????

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