Monday, October 1, 2012

UnHappily Ever After

So as you know most of us have grown up with Fairy Tales. There are many versions and many different ethnic versions but yet they all steer to the same probable. Lovers met, lovers go through, Break up, Missing each other, Reconcile, BIG CLIMATIC SCENE—Then Happily Ever After. No matter what the girl gets her man and man gets his girl. No ifs, ands, buts or maybes about it.

Unfortunately that can hold a huge impact on a child's life and give off the false sense of security that true love is out there and meant for everyone. That's not true and definitely not the case. Some of us go a lifetime before we meet "The One" while the rest of us never get to have that opportunity. It's like our story isn't that happy fairy tale, it's that bad movie that was told it was suppose to be a big office hit and it could never really make the mark let alone be something it was never meant to be from the beginning.

Kind of something like my life. Searched and prepared myself for Prince Charming. Never got that first series of love like I expected—still haven't had a boyfriend or a first date. Then finally fell in love with Prince Charming was wooed and seduced. My heart beat for that man only! And it still does. Unfortunately he turned out already in a Happily Ever After with his own Kingdom, Contented we'll say. All of which didn't include me and never will. Hell apparently I'm not even good enough to be his Mistress, mmph. Broke my heart, spirit and every thing I worked so hard for and to become this "good woman" and it still wasn't good enough. Tried to get over it and ended up right back with an already damaged heart broken all over again. With no one there to comfort me at either times, not even a small single ounce of love. Am I willing to try a third time?? No, no I'm not I can't really take that risk. It's not that I'm afraid or I'm lacking something. To be hurt again for a third time and no one there to help me pick up the pieces would be emotionally devastating. I just can't risk making myself hurt just because of traditionalism. It's even worse when the men treat me like I don't deserve to be respected. Not fair in the least bit.

Then when I voice all that, some, if not two, douchewaffle comes along and start spouting that Fairy Tale crap and how to do this an how to do that and how happy I'll be when he sweeps me off my feet. Yea I think I'll be luckier finding a Alicorn in the hood!

Thus brings us to why I'm talking about this. When I was on Facebook the other day I came across this picture of Snow White drunk and oh so messed up! I couldn't help but gawk at the picture and the. Burst into laughter because I loved every single moment of it!! Other people may find it displeasing and ruining a childhood dreamscape. But I don't think so. It speaks to real life and question what would happen if these girls never found their Happily Ever After in today's modern standards?? I really think instead of making children and fickle minded adults think that true love is a positive note without the cheating, hate, and all the additional negatives that comes along with it. Let them know that sometimes fairy tales are just that a story and you can't apply that to real life. I can't make Prince Charming love or want me if he doesn't want to or doesn't feels a need to. So pushing the issue is not only a waste of good time and energy but it confines you to a prison of false hope.

Anyway shall we look at the lovely pictures?? Lol

"Sorry Snow White but our summer fling was nice but my woman's at home waiting for me," said the Prince.

Cindy here found out no matter how beautiful you think you are. Your ugly step-sisters are what the men want. So in a fit of insanity she felt if she cut those golden locks she'd be just as ugly as they are. In actuality no, no you won't. You'll just be UGLIER and still not what the guys want.

After Eric broke her heart like a ball to a glass window. Ariel found a man that could make feel less empty or is it less full????

Here we have Cindy with her Crazy Godmother trying to find an outfit that not only screams I NEED ATTENTION AND I NEED IT NOW!! But she may have turned off Prince Charming and turn the hounds on instead—whoops!!

Least we now know why the Evil Queen was a douchewaffle......need I say more??

To see more of these Nightmarish Pictures (of delight lol) please by all means click here!! I think you'll love the other pictures as much I did ^_^.

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