Monday, October 1, 2012

The Curling Wand 2

I thought you guys and dolls would like to see how my unruly hair turned out after the curling wand fiasco. I'm surprised it stayed so long and then even after I combed it out tonight to get ready for the evening it still held a curl.

Anyway on to the good stuff lol

Nothing fancy—except my cute little crown of course ;D!!

Here's another...

It looked nice and I was pleased. Didn't get too many compliments though. Then they wonder why I refuse to dress up and put on make up. If all that hard work goes unnoticed its really not too please to be in awe alone you know?? [Read: MakeUpLess & Stupid Hare]

Will I do it again??? Eh I don't know, maybe. Not any time soon though. I'm cool with a messy bun ^_^.

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