Monday, October 8, 2012

The Catastrophe

Hi Kids!!!

Oh My Goodness!!

How many of you saw that twisted warning sign?? I was shocked and just down right offended when Google Chrome told me my website had a Malicious Software/Malware Virus on it!!

I'm like what the fork is this mess??

I swear it took me two weeks to get that figured out!!

Anyway, here's what happened. I was in the process of added new posts, pictures more menu options as well as updating the wibiya toolbar that's at the bottom of the (desktop version) site. So I go to check things out make sure they look nice and making plans for other such said items. When I get this warning telling me my site, this site is hosting something from another site that contains malware. Well here's the warning:

Do you see that up there?? If you trusted this site in the past then it could be a mistake but give it a few days. What the hell is that suppose to mean??? It's my site, my blog why would I put a virus on it?? So thinking it was this post that I have to repost later, I deleted it. The warning was gone but the posts all shifted to the left instead of a blocked formation. I'm like what is this??

So I had to go download the original template again thinking that could've been the problem and upload it and add the necessary items. Everything was fine, it looked good, no virus warning but still messed up posts. Hmm. The next morning wouldn't I get that Malware warning?? Did I spazz the hell out?? Then I knew I needed some assistance. I've tried everything possible and still nothing.

Whilst in the Google Help Forum, it took me two tries before I got an answer to my problems. The person told me it was a picture. Unfortunately then I must say I was shocked because I never suspected that it would be one of the slider pictures. Then it says the malware came from a site I never heard of and that's not where I got the picture from.

So I deleted the picture and posted a new one. I sat there and thought that maybe when I first got the picture it was from another site but it had a redirect and that redirect link popped up instead and thus causing these last two weeks of unfortunate events. I looked for a picture to go in place of it and for now I'm satisfied. I do plan on changing them the week of Halloween or may be 13 days worth what do you think?? Lol

But thank goodness all that mess is resolved lol. I was losing my mind over here. Concerned all my hard work would go to waste!!

Anyway I'm going to post another something for you guys and dolls about the new stuff I added over the past few weeks so be sure to check that out as well ^_^.

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