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"Text Message" | Chapter 4


Work seemed to drag on so slow and be unimaginably long after lunch. Tracy tried her best and did all she was supposed to. After having time to think about everything that happened that day, she didn't want to be sought out as a loser or a failure. One who wasn't up to the par and be able to perform accordingly; she didn't want to be someone's sex slave to get ahead. She didn't work hard for nothing to give up so easily.

While in the middle of cleaning up her office and re-arranging the many stacks of papers, Tracy heard a rapping sound on her door. When she looked, there stood Leon.

"So cleaning up to go home my dear?" He said smoothly. Like nothing happened this morning.

"At the moment—no. I still have a few things I need to accomplish, thank you very much." She refuse to make eye contact with this man and wanted him to get discourage enough to leave.

"Aww well that's a shame. I was planning on having a nice dinner with you and for us to get to know each other a bit better." He came into the office and approached her.

"Well I'm sorry but I must decline your offer."

"Well how about tomorrow then? Lunch or dinner—the choice is yours." He traced her jaw line with his fingers.

"Like I said I'm going to decline your offer I have other things to do thank you very much." Tracy smacked his hand away.

"Well I'm more than sure I can make you reconsider my offer Tracy."

"Not tonight pervert"

Tracy and Leon looked toward where the voice appeared from.

"Shit." Leon was disgusted.

"We've made plans for the whole week. So you go get your pussy elsewhere." Eva said.

"Don't you ever have something to do, something that concerns you—"

"Tracy is my concern. She has no reason to be stalked by a pervert like you."

"You know what Genevieve. I don't like you, never have liked you. It makes since why you’re single. You’re a total bitch. Hell, no man would even want you to suck his cock because you'll probably bitch about that! You make me sick, bitch."

Eva snatched Leon close to her by his shirt collar and tie. It happened so fast Tracy mouth flew open and she was in utter shock. Not only did Eva grab him so aggressively, but she smacked him in his face like he owed her money.

"Let me tell you one thing. You may talk to your little girlfriend, Miranda, like that. But you ain't fin to talk to me like that. Boy, I will cut you and I will have no remorse in even stabbing you either."

"Are you threatening me?"

"I don't make threats Mr. Jenkins. I make promises." With that Eva let go of his shirt and tie.

Leon adjusted his clothes and grunted. He rubbed where she slapped him and then decided to leave the room completely.

"Trace? You ok honey? He didn't touch you did he?" Eva hugged Tracy tight.

"No, he did touch my cheek. But not like before though."

"Okay, damn I would give anything to shove my foot up his tight ass."

Tracy never thought that ever in her life would she meet a woman as rough as Eva. But maybe that was a good thing. Eva was bold and had a serious attitude yet she kicked butt and took names. No one really said too much to her. At first she seems reminiscent of a backstabbing somebody. But she has such a compassionate side that makes you feel so comfortable and safe.

Eva scoffed, "Well if the bastard comes back, just give me a holler. I'll gladly man-handle him." Eva patted Tracy on the head.

"Okay." Tracy smiled and for some odd reason felt comfortable with Eva. But she also knew to be on guard just in case things went sour for any cause.

Tracy decided that after the day she had she was long over a due a shower, a bath and a nice bowl of ice cream. She did her usual routine of kicking her heels off and putting her keys in the dish that sat on the stand by the door. She let her hair down and scratched at scalp and decided on a shower instead.

While she was in the shower she thought she would give her hair a good wash as well. She stood there thinking about her day and wondered if such a thing could've happened in a different place, a different setting perhaps. Maybe I was being too nice; I already knew what he was like. I guess I second guessed what he was capable of doing.

Her thoughts were broken by the puppy's yapping and the door closing shut. Knowing Jake wasn’t due home for a few hours, she shut off the shower and dashed to the bedroom to get dressed and be prepared for the burglar that was in the house. She prepared herself and went out towards the living room screaming.

"Calm down Wonder Woman!" The person pushed her on the sofa.

That voice, I know that voice!

Tracy struggled to get off the sofa. She brushed her long wet curls out of her face, to get a good look at the person.

"What are you gonna do eh? Catwalk me to death with your stiletto?"

Tracy giggled, "I don't know, I guess this was as good idea I had at the moment" she tugged at her clothes.

"I also take it those clothes aren't yours either," Eva laughed, "what you thought a creeper broke in?"

"Yeah I did! And no these are Jake's, I'll go change have a seat and make yourself at home."

After Tracy changed and confined her hair with a headband. She grabbed two suitcase-like attaché bags filled with all the paperwork that was due on Friday.

"Geez they weren't playing with you were they?" Eva eyed the large baggage.

"No they weren't, there's three more of these I couldn't bring home with me. It was hard to get these two Big Berthas here." Tracy put her hands on her hip.

"You're right about that."

Tracy took time to notice Eva's clothes. She looked a lot different with skinny jeans and her full laced wife beater. She even looked more attractive with her hair in a big huge bun and ringlets of hair that draped the back of her neck and temples. She was truly a beautiful woman. For a short moment she reminded Tracy of someone.

"You got a pen? We might need some scratch paper too." Eva said as she took the paper work out.

"Oh yeah! I have both, I'll go get it."

When Tracy got back the puppy was nestled in Eva's lap as she pat it on the head.

"Oh my gosh! What are you doing puppy?!"

"No it's ok," Eva smiled, "We're getting better acquainted with each other."

"I don't think I'm ready for him to be honest," Tracy plopped down on the sofa next to Eva, "He makes a great birth control though because if kids are like him, it's a serious turn off"

Eva bust out in laughter. It was odd to see someone be so tickled and silly over something. Tracy couldn't help but laugh too.

"Do you want anything to drink? I have soda, and there's beer if you're interested in that" Tracy said.

"Ehh, a soda would do just fine. Not much of a drinker. Oh and by the way..."


"You don't look half bad in regular clothes. They show off your shape nicely."

"Oh," Tracy patted her hip and blushed, "Thanks."

When Tracy came back with the drinks, Eva had already started working.

"You wear glasses?" Tracy stared in awe, even in glasses she was still a beautiful woman.

"Yeah I do, I'm blind as a bat otherwise. During the day or important outings I wear my contacts. Like I can see, just not as well as everyone else." Eva pushed her glasses back up in the original location.

"Alright what did you start on?" Tracy sat down next to Eva.

"This pile or section about the projected company profit, what I don't understand is that we talk about this often. I guess the three musketeers were pulling random numbers out of their asses that sounded good enough and didn't play too much in on it. Well it's a good thing I brought my stuff with me." Eva rearranged a few papers.

"Your stuff?"

"We'll you see since you don't know the profit the company gains now because you're new, your calculations would be wrong even if you finished all this by yourself. That's where I come in, I have everything you need and we should get through this in a breeze!" Eva plopped a big black backpack in front of her and took out two laptops and several folders filled with papers.

"Well I'm happy you're here to help me then," Tracy smiled, "Because we are going to get this crap completed and show them who the boss ladies are."

The women chuckled and went right to work. What seemed that would take hours and days to complete, they finished up within three hours and Tracy was very happy.

"Well I must admit you know your stuff. You're more of threat to the men than I am." Eva said as she lit a cigarette.

"Think so?" Tracy stretched her arms in the air.


Tracy handed Eva an ashtray.

"Why do you have an ashtray?" Eva stared.

"Oh well, my mom smokes and when she comes over have to make sure I have one available." Tracy chuckled.

"Yeah it's best to have one for that reason. I was wondering what was up, because struck me as a goody two shoes."

"HEY! I'm not a goody two shoes! Well not all the time, maybe."

Eva laughed hysterically at Tracy's pouting.

"Eva it's not funny that was really mean."

Eva butted out her cigarette, "Okay, okay. I'm sorry, I didn't mean any harm." Then kissed Tracy on the cheek.

"Yeah well you should be." Tracy crossed her arms.

"You know, I kind of like your hair like this," Eva fingered one of Tracy's curls, "It becomes you."

"Really think so? Jake doesn't like it much. He says it's too unruly. I used to wear it like this, as is, but then one day I straightened it. He told me he likes it better straightened. It doesn't become seriously straight just straight with fluffy curls."

"He's not very considerate now is he?"


"I'm just being honest. If someone loves you, the way you wear your hair shouldn't matter. Neither should your body shape, social status or anything for that matter." Eva stared at Tracy with her head propped up on her hand.

"Well, yeah. I suppose you're right. But when love is involved some sacrifices are okay to be made and—"

"Love can only go but so far, honey. My parents claimed they loved each other, yet they divorced after being together for at least 40 years. Imagine 30 years of marriage and you just up and say well I don't love you like I used to."

Tracy sat there shocked for a moment. Her parents were married for almost 30 years. Would they do the same? Can you fall out of love with someone you once thought you live life without them?

"Eva, have you ever been in love?" Tracy hoped she wasn't getting too personal.

"Yes as a matter of fact. Three times, one marriage and one baby later."


"Yup, I have a little girl. Her name is Lyonella. She's four and one of the best things that could've ever happened to me."

"Is she at daycare or something?"

"No she's with my mother. I did bring her up here to New York. However the demand of a job doesn’t suit the demands of parenthood. So my mother said she would keep her. I'm originally from Ohio, so when my parents broke up Mom moved to New Jersey. Dad moved with his mistress to some place." Eva got a twisted look on her face.

"Oh I'm sorry for bringing this up. We don't have to talk about it if you don't want to..."

"No it's ok. Just can't get over my dad up and leaving and acting like we never existed."

"You and your mom?"

"Yeah and my sisters. My two older brothers are a lot like him."

"How many siblings to you have?"

"Three brothers and two sisters."

"Wow six!? That's a big family"

"Yeah it is chaos all the time."

"Wow, I only have an older brother and a younger sister it was small, but a happy family." Tracy chuckled.

"Now my first love was my high school sweetheart. We decided to end it because we both were going to college and thought it would be best. He found someone and I did do. But we loved each other. Graduated and then got married and then I got pregnant. And after the baby was born he told me he was leaving me and wanted a divorce."

"Oh my god!"

"Yep, those were my words exactly. So I said fine. He wanted nothing to do with Lyonella and that's fine too. Even gave up parental rights. Now so I've heard he's married with 3 kids."

"He has issues it seems like."

"Yes very much so. Hmm, the next one was named Eric. He was nice and sweet. Thought we could make something. He was disgusted with my having a kid already he wasn't interested in playing that game. And it wasn't like I was looking for a replacement father. I just felt I should be loved too you know?"

"That's terrible to judge someone like you who's doing great, all because of something that seemed right at the time."

"Exactly, if I knew things would've turned sour between me and Jackson, that's my ex-husband’s name. I don't think I would've had Lyonella. But either way I'm happy I did, makes my life feel complete with or with a relationship. But because of Jackson and Eric’s nasty ways and the many men that followed. I got tired of men. So I took a break and focused on me."

"What about the third love?"

"Just as flaky, we were only together I'd say no more than 10 months. She only cared about herself and said screw everybody else's feelings."

Did she say she? Tracy wondered.

"So, I've sworn off love. If I was meant to be helplessly in love with someone I would be. But it's not meant for everybody and I'm ok with. Took me awhile to understand and now I'm ok with it."

"I'm sorry, but I need to ask—she?"

Eva looked at Tracy for a moment. Tracy wondered if she had made her mad about the question.

"Eva I'm sorry. It's none of my business and you don't have to answer. I got curious so please accept my ap—" Before Tracy could finish her apology. Eva had gotten so close to her.

Eva traced Tracy's jawline and tilted her head up. Eva kissed her on the lips. Tracy couldn't help but to be mesmerized by this woman. Even her perfume was intoxicating. Eva put a trail of kisses down Tracy's neck. Then let her hand wander down Tracy's thigh.

"Yet I sit here with you and can't control myself." Eva whispered in Tracy's ear.

"What do you mean?" Tracy looked into Eva's eyes.

"Hmm, I guess you don't know then," Eva sat up and moved a stray strand of hair out of her face, "Didn't it dawned on you or seem strange that the men hasn't hit on me and I've never spoke of anything?"

Tracy thought for a moment, "I didn't think of it, but now that you mentioned it, why is that?"

"Remember I told you about the woman, named Barbra, whose place I took?"


"Well she was my third love."

Third... "You're"

"Yes. She treated me nice for the most part but the novelty of me wore off. Plus she already had her husband and someone else on the side other than me. She was a nice wonderful person, don't get me wrong. But as a lover, she was mean and nasty. When I broke it off, she gave me a hard time. It was even worse her being my boss. Things were sour and I was close to leaving the company. Then she decided to appoint me in her place. Saying she knew I would be the only one to do her job and do it the right way. Then up and moved."

Tracy was speechless and didn't really know how to approach this situation.

"I still love all three, all for different reasons. But I refuse to go out and try again. Not that I don't want to or I'm giving up. I just don't have the patience to do so and I don't want to end up alone for no reason. Even though I've said all that, there's something about you that I really like." Eva pulled Tracy into her body and kissed her passionately.

Tracy pushed herself off of Eva and jumped to her feet. What is it this? Tracy was confused and felt strange. All she could do was stand there and stare at Eva.

"Well I'm sorry! I thought you knew or at least the men would've told you."

"So you're gay?!"

"Not exactly, more like bisexual. I love women, but I also love men too." Eva shrugged.

"But still!" Tracy wiped her mouth in disgust and paced the room.

Eva got off the sofa and grabbed Tracy's arm.

"No let go! You're going to take advantage of me, again. And I don't like for people to mistreat me and stuff and-and-and..."Tracy started to cry.

Eva pulled her close and hugged her.

"I'm sorry; maybe I should've mentioned it earlier. So forgive me okay?" She kissed Tracy.

"Eva don't." Tracy whimpered.

"Shhh." Eva kissed Tracy again.

What is this feeling? I don't even feel this way when Jake touches or kissed me. Am I falling out of love with him? Or has our low dwindled down to a daily routine? Even the intimacy and sex has gotten to being and feeling like a routine.

While lost in her thoughts. Eva had unbuttoned Tracy's pants and had her hands between her thighs.


"Shhh, just enjoy it." Eva kissed Tracy.

The way Eva touched Tracy felt like nothing she ever experienced before. Before long Tracy began to enjoy Eva's touch. All she did was kiss her and massage her gently. Maybe that's what she was missing with Jake, the subtle full throttle attention. Jake used to be attentive like that but it also dwindled down to a small kiss here and there and nothing more, nothing less.

Then Tracy found herself doing something she'd never imagined not even in years to come, touching another woman the way she touched herself. But she liked it, even liked the ecstasy that came along with it. Even liked how her body trembled with pleasure—the moans, the oohs and ahhs—all of it. She never felt this way with Jake. Even the way Eva made her…...she liked that too, soaking wet with guilty pleasure.

"What kind of pizza do you want?" Tracy asked as she adjusted her clothes. A shower and new clothes was called for after what she and Eva had done.

"Any is fine with me." Eva sat down on the bed and pulled Tracy close and kissed her belly.

Even her kisses set Tracy's body on fire. Do I love the attention? Or am I tired of men too? Tracy wondered.

As they sat on the sofa watching TV, a noise came to the door appeared. Thinking it was the delivery man; she grabbed her money, ran to the door and snatched open the door. To her surprise it wasn't the delivery man. For a split moment she felt disenchanted with the person who stood there staring at her.

"Hey, Babe! I didn't think I'd be getting door service." Jake kissed Tracy on the cheek.

"Hey, you're home earlier than usual."

"Yeah we got excused early and I'm glad. Crunching numbers all day is a pain," He hugged her tight and went into the living room, "Where's the puppy?"

Tracy stood there thinking. Before, he would come home and want to be romantic, sensual and do anything possible—all in the name of sex. Now the dog gets more attention than I do. Or am I thinking too much about this?

"Oh hello there," Jake stopped abruptly, "Didn't know you had company Tracy."

"Hey," Eva saluted in the sexiest way that either had seen before.

"This is Genevieve Montgomery. We work together. This is Jake, my boyfriend." Tracy smiled.

"The boyfriend, eh? Nice to meet you, Genevieve." Jack extended his hand.

"Eva will do just nicely. Tracy speaks of you often, you should be happy." Eva gave him a firm hand shake.

"Well I hope it's all good things." He chuckled.

"Of course!" Tracy nudged him.

Eva eyed the couple and could tell there was a serious awkwardness in between them. That or there was a wedge forming and they didn't even know it yet.

"Eva came here to help me with some work." Tracy explained.

"Oh, I see. Is Tracy your boss?"

"No, not exactly," Eva said wryly, "More like co-workers. For you see, I'm a Senior Executive also. For three years now."

"Oh there's two Senior Executives?" Jake questioned.

"Actually honey, there's five of us."

"Five?! Seems a bit much if you ask me."

"Well we didn't make the rules. Right?" Eva asked the puppy who yapped in agreement.

Before Jake could get in another question. A loud rapping came to the door.

"You have more friends coming over?" He asked Tracy.

"No, that's probably the pizza man."

"Pizza man?"

"Yeah we're having pizza tonight. I didn't have time to cook."

Jake wasn't pleased. And his displeasure of this situation could be read on his face. He then diverted his attention towards Eva. Who stood there smirking at him, hands planted her hips. There was something about this woman he didn't like. Little did he know she was feeling the same exact way about him.


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