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"Text Message" | Chapter 3


'You'll meet him soon enough...'

Eva's words just rang in Tracy's ears loud and clear. All she could so was focus on the glass tumbler filled with water and twiddle her thumbs. That creepy man from the restaurant the other night also works for her company. What is this mess? What have I gotten myself into?

"Tracy," Mr. Monroe said dryly, "tell me what kind of projection do you see our company making in 5 year intervals in the span of 15—no make that 20 years."

Tracy stared at this man and really wasn't sure what to say. Anything could set a man with his demeanor off and everything you worked so hard forward wouldn't even get a chance to get on the line and possibly be saved. 

"We'll Mr. Monroe. I see the company expanding and becoming readily available for most if not all of the major cities as well as sub-major cities. And—"

"Why do you think that's necessary?" Mr. Monroe's nice guy act went out the room like a breeze on a summer day.

"Well I think if we can be more accessible to more people, we can build our clientele. If we get more customers we have more economic impact on the Supply and Trade industry.

"Hmm, fair enough keep going."

Keep going?! Wasn't that good enough?! Tracy mind was blown and it was hard to think. Not to mention her heart was ready to explode. Seeing her sit there and struggle, the men were enjoying the show. However Eva didn't appreciate them making a show of something like this. Especially since Tracy was more of a nice person than anything.

"Well Tracy and I did discuss a few things," Eva looked into Mr. Monroe's cold stare, "We believe that since the company is on its way of expanding I think the bigger it'll get the more work that means for us right boys? So how about adding another team member to keep the work load at balance?"

The four men couldn't disagree. The company was doing exceptionally well economy-wise. However a bigger expansion would mean more work.

"I don't find anything wrong with that," Mr. Monroe tapped his pen on his notepad, "What do you gentlemen think of the idea."

"I suppose another team member would free up a few things and make our work a bit easier." Lance said.

"Well what say the rest of you?" Mr. Monroe bounced his stare between Leon and Robert.

"I'm okay with it if Lance is." said Leon.

"I don't have a problem with it, either." Robert patted the table.

"Well Ms. Montgomery you've seem to have won us over with your idea. I'll be sure to present this at the next projection meeting. Now on to the next item of—"

"There is one more point I'd like to make," Eva interrupted Mr. Monroe who didn't seem very pleased by the notion.

"Yes Genevieve? What is it? And do make it quick, we haven't got all day."

"As far as candidacy goes, of course we want someone smart and equally intelligent. Able to hand the rock hard tasks that this job throws. But I think we should really consider something, Mr. Monroe. I think the next candidate should be a woman."

The strained look on the men's faces gave it away they weren't pleased by that last line. Eva knew that. So she decided to put their pride on the line and give them an offer they couldn't refuse.

"It's just me and Tracy but look at them," she motioned in the direction of Lance, "there's three of them and it’s apparent that Lance thinks he's in charge of the other two. Not saying that's what I want. Tracy and I think it would balance things out. Plus three heads are definitely better than one, don't you think? With the right woman we can even better than you men. Hmm, if all goes well the new woman whoever she might be, Tracy and I could be the next company owners." Eva gave a bright deviant smile.

The men however didn't like the reference as if another woman was in consideration of being hired, right then and there. They knew that this wasn't going to work.

"Well now if I can say something?" Lance crossed his arms.

"Go ahead." Eva knew she stepped on his nerve, stepped on it bad.

"Another team member, I can kind of buy off on that. However another team member who's a woman, I can't really accept that. Given the fact we have you two lovely ladies. Not all women can do a man's job and do it the right way. Look at yourself as an example. You've been messing up recently whether it’s your hormones or your personal life, your work’s been suffering for it. Having two of you is enough." Lance was an arrogant, egotistical man who was nastier than a rattlesnake.

"Well Lance the only one of us that's on our period must be you. You're PMS-ing every single day. Or maybe it's because your personal life isn't in order."

Lance clinched his jaw tight. He was prepared to make a comeback before he was motioned to sit down by Mr. Monroe.

"I like the idea of having another woman." Mr. Monroe said.

The men sat there mouths gaped open. Eva smiled at Tracy.

"However Eva we'll pick the candidate." Mr. Monroe smiled.

"Fine by me, sir."

"Good now let’s move on to the next item to be discussed."

One hour and 45 minutes later the meeting was finally over. Tracy could breathe a sigh of relief. As they gather their materials. Lance huffed out like a little boy who didn't want to play anymore. The one, Robert followed behind him.

"It's nice to see you again, Tracy."

Tracy turned around and looked. Leon was standing, hands in his pockets and paper nestled under his arm almost perfectly.

"Yeah it is. It's been awhile." She smiled not want to give off her true feelings.

"To be honest I didn't think you would make it this far." He chuckled.

"What made you think that?" She was slightly agitated. But she also under the impression he knew that.

"Mind if we have a walk?" He motioned to do the door.

Tracy glanced over at Eva. Eva nodded her on. She didn't like this. She didn't want to be alone with him. Didn't like it back then and didn't like it now.

They approached the elevator and Leon pressed the button.

"Do you have any plans for lunch?" He asked.

"No, not really. I didn't really think about anything. I do have a lot of paperwork to accomplish so I'll probably spend my lunch hour doing that."


Tracy glanced his way and wondered how a good looking man like his could be so evil. It’s one thing to be full of yourself, however, this guy was way past that trait. As the elevator dinged, Tracy and Leon boarded it. Knowing it was just the two of them in this small space. Tracy began to worry for her safety. Before the elevator could hit the next floor down, Leon pushed the stop button and the elevator came to an abrupt stop. 

"What did you do that for?" Tracy asked suspiciously.

"I want to talk to you."

"Talk to me about what?" Tracy was ready to panic.

Before she could gain all her strength to lose it, Leon pinned her up against the wall. She tried to push him off, but she realized he was a lot stronger now than he was before. Trying her hardest and not wanting to be taken advantage of Tracy knew she had to get out of this thing and as far away as she could from this man.

"Tracy, stop fighting me." Leon looked deep into her hazel eyes.

She stared at him. Wondering if screaming would help, if she tried to hit him, would he hit her back? What if he does something to her and no one ever finds out? What am I going to do? She closed her eyes tight to think of a logical way to handle this situation. Before she could get her gears into motion, Leon kissed her and did so quite passionately.

She pushed him, "Would you get off of me!" She wiped the remainder of his kiss off her lips, "UGH! You're a sick man you know that?!" She wiped her mouth again and as straighten out her clothes.

Leon grabbed Tracy and planted her hard up against the wall. His grip on her arms was firm and tight.

"Ow, you're hurting me. Leon let go! Let go Leon—"


Tracy could see the fire in his eyes. Still the same man just a more evolved version.

"You won't make it here a week woman. You can't even last two days as far as I'm concerned." Leon leaned in close to her; he wanted her to hear everything he had to say.

"What are you saying that men are superior?" Tracy asked.

"Men are always superior. Just like alpha males are superior to the weaker males. This isn't something new baby. Now I was trying to be nice and even thought that maybe you would like to make it big. But you can't be such said owner of the company without giving yourself first, always and foremost."

"We'll of course that's how things work." Tracy struggled to get loose.

Leon then twisted Tracy's right arm around and into her back. It happened so fast and so hard it felt like her shoulder would pop. His grip was making her arm numb and she was starting to feel defenseless.

"No that's not what I mean," he whispered into her ear, "Now if you want to get along with the other gentlemen and I. Then you might want to consider giving yourself to us."

Then it dawned on Tracy what he meant. As he slid his hand from her shoulder and upper back down to her waist. He meant sex; this place is insane she thought. She whimpered when his hand began to caress her backside and tried to break free but he just twisted her arm that much more. He then grazed his hand and moved it to her stomach. He kissed her neck and she felt like dying right then and there. Then her eyes flew open in shock. Not only was his hand in between her legs, but he rubbed her spot as if they had been lovers for years. She wiggled and moved and it all seemed futile.

Why is this happening? What did I do wrong? What is this? Why is he touching me? The she wondered is he going to rape me? Tracy let out a wounded moan and was ready to start crying.

Leon on the other hand let out a moan for a different reason.

"Do you like that?" He asked so smoothly.

"No I don't like it and I would appreciate it if you stopped it!" Tracy wasn't happy with this situation.

"Well, your body is saying otherwise."

Tracy knew if she hasn't put on pants that morning. He would be doing more than teasing adding pressure to her spot. Knowing him, she thought, he would've loved if I had a skirt on then his fingers would have unlimited access. She tried again to wiggle free. This time he stopped. Thinking and hoping it was over she let out a deep sigh. Unfortunately it as far from over, Leon reached his hand and began unbuttoning her shirt. He then reached in and cupped one of her breast. She tried so hard to wiggle and break free. All he did was laugh at the notion.

"Hmm, and here I thought your nipples could only get hard by a gist of cold wind. I've been proven wrong," He laughed and then whispered in her ear, "I wonder if they can get harder than this after a good sucking." He licked her ear.

Having enough of this game and realizing he had loosened his grip. She was happy at the fact he was a tall man. She gave it her all and elbowed him just below his belt. He let go and let out a rough cough while he backed into one the small corners. Tracy scrambled and dashed and hit the button to get the elevator back in order. She gasped for air and wiped her face and hastily buttoned her shirt. She stood there in the corner staring coldly at Leon. Who adjust his tie and brushed some imaginary lint of his suit jacket. He gathered his paperwork, tucked it under his arm and shoved his hands in his pants' pockets. He stared back and gave a beautiful smile.

Bastard. Tracy stood there in the corner by the controls until the anticipate floor was reached. When the elevator dinged and the doors slid over. There stood Eva. Eva glanced Tracy's way and knew something had happened. Then she diverted her attention to Leon.

"Tracy honey? What happened?" Tracy's smeared make up and her red face looked like she was going to break out crying.

"She's fine. You know how unnecessarily emotional you women get." Leon said dryly and walked off the elevator. In mid step Eva tripped him and he fell hard to the marble floor and his near paperwork looked like large pieces of confetti going everywhere. He was pissed.

Leon got up and looked at her like he wanted to kill her.

"Oops I'm sorry; you know I've been emotional lately." Eva said sarcastically. Leon clenched his jaw and pursed his lips. He watched her enter the elevator.

Eva pushed a floor button and stopped the elevator. She touched Tracy's arm who smacked her hand away. Yeah that bastard did something to her, Eva said to herself.

"Tracy, honey it's ok," Eva touched Tracy's arm again who pulled away, "No, no. It's ok I promise." She tugged Tracy close as she began crying like a little girl.

Tracy told Eva what he did to her.

"Eva he touched me all over and-and I want to tell but other than you I don't think anybody would believe me. I-I-I don't want to work here." Tracy was sobbing.

"Eh, you're not a quitter, right. It's messed up but that's what they want you to do."

Tracy wiped a few stray tears, "I know it's just not fair."

Tracy couldn't help but sink her face into Eva's large bosom. She had a motherly feel to her. Something Tracy missed dearly. While Tracy was caught in a daze of reminiscent memories, Eva rubbed her back and consoled her. At the thought of what happened, Tracy began to cry again. She slouched down to the floor and covered her face. Eva pulled her hands away and she could see the distraught look on Tracy's face. So Eva cupped Tracy's face in her hands and wiped her tears away with her thumbs. Eva pulled Tracy close and kissed her lips. Shocked Tracy's eyes opened and she stared at Eva.

"There, I'm glad you've stopped crying at least." Eva said while sitting next to Tracy.

"Are you gonna take advantage of me too?" Tracy poked out her bottom lip.

Eva laughed softly, "No I'm not." She got a handkerchief out of her pocket and wiped Tracy's face. Eva lifted up Tracy's chin and kissed her bottom lip ever so softly. Then kissed the corner of her mouth and pulled her in for a tight hug. Tracy was lost and yet felt so much better. She had never kissed a woman before and felt awkward and unsure as to what to do.

Eva looked Tracy in the eyes and pulled her in for another kiss.

"It's going to be ok. Shame we can't have people to protect us like they've got. But we've got each other." Eva smiled. It was by far the most mesmerizing smile Tracy had seen.

Tracy dropped her hand down and twiddled her thumbs. She picked her head up and stared at Eva for a moment. Tracy leaned into Eva's face and kissed her on the lips causing Eva to fall backwards. Tracy then laid her head on Eva chest and hugged her. Eva smirked and hugged Eva just as tight.

"Everything will be alright, ok?" Eva said.

"Ok Eva. I trust you." Tracy snuggled as close as she could to this woman who was unbelievably unique.

"So what are you in the mood for?" Eva asked while fixing Tracy's make up.

"I don't know, don't feel like eating really." Tracy rubbed her nose, not wanting to think about what happened.

"Ugh, look I know what he did is messed up but you've got to at least eat something. How about we go to a restaurant I know that’s not too far from here, It's has good food! Don't get me started on this mean Chocolate Truffle they have!" Eva fanned herself like she was talking about a hot celebrity.

Tracy giggled, "Well I do have a soft spot for chocolate."

"Good let's go."

Eva took Tracy to a place known as Sweet Revenge that was nestled on Carmine Street. It was a nice atmosphere and quite interesting. Tracy sat there enjoying her sandwich, while Eva took large bites of hers. They decided to share two of the cupcakes one a dark chocolate truffle that really was to die for. The other was raspberry red velvet that was just as delicious. Tracy thought to herself that it would be a nice place for her and Jake to come to one day. Jake. She wondered then how she was going to tell him what happened to her today. Would he get so angry that he'd make rash decisions? Maybe do something he'll regret?

"Thinking about what your boyfriend would say hmm?" Eva fingered a piece of the cupcake before popping it in her mouth.

"Well, yeah....I want to tell him what happened but I also don’t want him angry and make it worse."

"I think you should hold off telling him. Not as a secret just when the time is right. Now if he was told and gets pissed then him coming down to the company could jeopardize our current situation and we'll never know anything." Eva touched Tracy's hand.

Tracy smiled, "Thanks a lot Eva. I really appreciate it."

"And as for now, I say go home, cuddle up with the B-F and enjoy the evening. Tomorrow I want you at work at exactly 4:30am."

"Four—wait-why so early?!"

"We'll we've got to get your paper done and the men usually come in at exactly 8:45. So that gives us enough time to get it a good bit done. However, Miranda comes in at 7:30."

Well why don't we work on it tonight? I have time before Jake comes home and we can always whip something fast up for dinner. At least that's a head start." Tracy didn't want to seem bossy or particular.

"Hmm, fine by me if it’s alright with you kid," Eva gave a wry smile, "so what time should I come over?"

"Oh anytime is fine."

"Alright, I think I'll go home and shower and get out of this skirt. Then I'll come on over to your place. What's the address?"

Tracy wrote down the address on a clean napkin, "Then come up to C46 and you can either knock or ring the bell. Oh and I hope you don't mind we have a puppy, too. I thought that I should mention that."

"Oh a puppy huh? I have two cats. One Siamese and the other is an Egyptian Mau." Eva folded the napkin and stuck it in her skirt pocket.

"What are their names?"

"Sia and Egypt. I wanted to make it easy on all of us and they’re both girls too." Eva chuckled.

"Oh that makes a lot of sense." Tracy giggled at the simplicity Eva made things.

"Alright, I don't know about you but I am stuffed!! Shall we head back to work?"

"Ok, give me a minute," Tracy snagged a few more bites of cake, "Do you have anything you'd like to have for dinner? Since you did treat me to lunch I thought I could return the favor."

"Oh don't worry about it. Whatever you make is fine by me." Eva put her arm around Tracy's shoulders and gave her a hug.

"Eva, do you mind if I ask how old you are?" Tracy asked.

"Not at all. I'll be 28 on October 20th." Eva did a runway model pose.

"I didn't think you were that old. You look so young, yet your maturity is so out of touch from everyone else's."

"Oh yeah? Hmm never heard that before. How about you? How old are you?" Eva questioned.

"I turned 25 on April 24th"

"Oh really?? Isn't it nice to get to twenty-five with not problems or serious issues? I can't imagine being 30 in a few years let alone wonder what the next 20 years will be like. Ehh gives me the chills."

Tracy couldn't help by laugh at Eva's comment. As they walked New York's busy streets back to work. Tracy started to think what life would've been like to have an older sister. Whether she was older or younger, it didn't matter just to have one is all that was important. She thought how nice of an older sister Eva would make.

As soon as the women got back to work, what happened that morning between Tracy and Leon got around the whole floor. The secretaries just stared, while others just whispered or giggled. Tracy felt more than humiliated. She honestly wished she could go and have a nice long hibernated sleep and wake up like nothing ever happened.

"Ehh, don't let all of that bother you okay? They don't know any better and their paycheck means more than to do what's right." Eva rubbed Tracy's arm.

"Yeah, I know but they act like I have a disease or something and I was the one wrong, and not the victim." Tracy slouched down at her desk.

"More like you got a dildo plastered on your forehead." Eva said seriously.

Tracy couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of being an impromptu unicorn.

"Well love I'm going to my office to get things finished up on my end. I'll come and check in on you just in case any of the musketeers come, okay?" Eva walked towards Tracy's door.

"Okay. Um, hey Eva...thanks again." Tracy smiled.

"No problem love." Eva's high heels could be heard click-clopping down the hallway.

As Tracy tried to focus and get her thoughts together. All she could think of was Leon touching her. The smell of his cologne was constant reminder. It was like her mind was clouded by the cologne and couldn't think of nothing else but that. Tracy sat there and rubbed her temples to at least try to get focused. The vibrating of her phone knocked her off her groove. Her heart began to race wondering if it could've been from Jake. She was hoping with all her might that it wasn't.

As she reached into her purse to grab the pulsing phone. She couldn't help but look up and noticed her secretary, Miranda staring at her hard. Disturbed and wondering if it had something do with earlier, she turn her high back chair around to have just a little bit of privacy. When she looked at the phone she noticed it was from that short code.

"If it's invalid, why is it sending out messages I don't understand it." She said as she opened the message.

Tracy's mouth flew open as she read its contents:

"A lovers fire will dwindle down, when the cold wet spring of desire and deceit enter." 
What's that supposed to mean? Is it saying I'm going to have relationship problems with Jake. Because if so, I do think this is silly. Dismissing the thought as well as the message, she turned off her phone and dropped it back in her purse. She didn't have time to worry about trivial things such as that. She had work that needed to be accomplished. Why should she let some crazy text message from some unknown crazy affect her in anyway? Deciding to go in deep into her work to get her mind off her troubles, Tracy couldn't help but feel like she was constantly being watch. Thinking it was Miranda, she tried to ignore that too. She wasn't about to let something like that throw her off her determination to make it.

After of few hours, Tracy was focused and working just fine. She was contented and told herself to work as hard as possible until it was time to go home.

"Ms. Hubbard?"

Tracy's concentration was broken instantly, "Uh, Yeah?" She looked up to see Miranda standing in the door. 

"Hi." Miranda gave this Cheshire Cat smile.

"Hi? Is there something I can help you with?" Tracy was disgusted she got interrupted and felt very uneasy.

"Oh well I thought we could talk for a moment." Miranda sat down at one of the chairs that faced Tracy's desk respectively.


"Well excuse me if I get too personal. But do you have a boyfriend?" Miranda continued to smile.

"As a matter of fact I do." Tracy was wondering where this conversation is going.

"Oh. You didn't strike me as the type to be taken. Especially the way you've been eyeing Leon."

"No dear, it's nothing like that. Leon was my boss when I worked as an intern here. Nothing's going on intimate-wise, it's not even platonic. You have nothing to worry about." Tracy was mad this girl had the nerve to accuse her of trying to "hook up" with Leon.

Miranda sat there for a moment with her lips twisted. She got up and humph her way out of the door. Tracy knew right then and there that she never wanted to be caught alone with that girl. Miranda was too hung up on Leon and that's a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Tracy decided to get back to work and work hard. I can't let this place get the best of me, she thought.


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