Thursday, October 11, 2012

Model That Vogue

So I got a wild hair up my ass today (not literally of course XD) and got pissed off. The reason being is because I thought about it. I got tired of people saying I never look like nothing and how I need to dress up more, put on makeup and do this and do that. I did that already.

I'm not going say that dressing up and putting on make up isn't a confidence boost. But the way I see is that of course you know you look good. You took the time and effort to do so and make yourself look nice and presentable. Hell spectacular by your standards right?? However to put all that effort into it and yet no one compliments you or say you look nice today or even have a couple Guys (or girls) hit on you is a plus. It's like fuck yeah I did a good job =D. Makes you happy and beam, beam, beam!

But when you put in the effort and get nothing but an OMG SHE'S HIGH MAINTENANCE. That's kind of a downer and a confidence killer. So yeah had that happen many times and decided that there's no point in wasting my time when I'm not going to get noticed or told I look nice. So why bother, really?? Thus I stopped dressing and putting on makeup. I felt happier and more contented that way.

Well unfortunately that changed for a quick moment this morning when I realized people were treating me like some common skank. Like I don't have anything and don't know how to dress and this and that. Whoa whoa whoa!! Excuse the shit out of you! I know how to. I just chose not to waste on unappreciative, ungrateful people. So yeah in the midst of my pisstivity I dressed up a bit and threw on some makeup and took pictures. Then I was happy because I knew I looked better than some of those guys wives, girlfriend and side chick. Even with all three rolled up to one, I still looked better.

Well now they know I can look good, just don't feel like wasting it on losers.

Anyway I decided to post a picture for you guys ^_^. Tell me what you think!!

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And that ladies is how you Model The Vogue.

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