Monday, October 22, 2012

Life's Boredom

There are times where I get bored and lonely. Then I want to go out and do something spectacularly fun! Like bowling or going to dinner and a movie. However then I know it sucks to do stuff alone. Then I think about asking someone to tag along.

But to be brutally honest—it's just as boring and lonely to go out with someone who's not interested in spending time with me in the first place and just want the freebies I have to offer. Then I reconsider because I already went through that many times. I didn't like it and I refuse to go through that again. Even though now my so-called friends expect me to be a free babysitter while they go out and have fun. Yeah no thanks.

So I enjoy the boredom life has to offer me. It's just as a boring to be alone as it is to go out and have fun with people who don't want to participate accordingly.

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