Sunday, October 7, 2012

Life's 3 Loves

Some people hold on to the wrong things and it prevents them from moving on in life. While on the same token the things we don't hold close we lose forever without getting back. But all in all we're stuck in the Fogginess of the Past, the High Expectations of the Now, and the Wary Uncertainty of the Future.

Regardless what anyone says, the Past, Present & Future all are connected basically the same, something like Reflections. No matter what if you do something in the past it will affect your present and future. If something suddenly changes in the present it was dramatically affect your future. And what's so sad when you get to the future you had planned and thought out, turns out to be so strange and different. That at some point you have to wonder how did this happen?? How'd I become this person?? Why did my life end up this way???

And there you are sitting in the present thinking how you wish you've coupled changed the Past for a better Future. However we get so caught up in this process that we loose sight on the little important things that are worth while. But to be honest how can anybody sit back and appreciate the things that you have, when your world is falling apart with no true intention on falling back together. You can expect a good Future and try your best in the Present. But if you're Past is considered Damned then seriously, you can forget ever having the Life you dreamed of.

It's like I can wish and hope and plan a good Future. However if my Present doesn't get any better than it is, then I'm wasting my time dwindling on something I have no control over. Just like I hope and pray for a job if I don't get one I don't have control over that. Even though a job promotes a brighter future to point for me, if no one presents that opportunity to me and takes a chance on me. Then I can forget having a good future.

The Past, The Present and The Future are all in cahoots together; all in Love with Life who always keeps its greedy hands in play.

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