Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Last Minute Project!!

So whilst I was driving I was thinking about all I had to do for tomorrow. What exactly I could do for tonight so it's less work tomorrow. Well then I thought well I still have to get my November Project underway soon as well as finish the 31 Day Nail Challenge. Plus start brain storming on the Christmas project. Then I thought well damn...every month has a project but poor October one of my favorite months. I can't have that. So while I was scarfing down my big old burger (lol) I thought about doing something Halloween related and worth. Then it hit me!!!

I started writing this story about a creepy text message I used to get that never contained a message or a way to get in touch with the whoever the sender was. Well that was back in 2009 lol. I happen to be searching for something hair related in the hair bins we have. And this folded paper with a few words on it fell out. So I read and it was that story. At one point I had lost it and didn't know where it had gone. But now we know where it's at haha.

Well here's what I'm thinking an it's last minute I know and it's going to take off tomorrow. But I also work well under pressure too. Anyway I'm thinking of finishing the story. Never really wrote a horror type story so this will be a challenge. And here's the best part!!

One chapter for each day for the next 13 days until Halloween. AWESOME RIGHT?? I know pure genius is fueled by greasy foods lol.

So the title will be—well let's leave that as a secret until tomorrow. Be prepared and don't give me a hard time if it doesn't turn out too too scary lol. This is all for entertainment purposes only haha!

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