Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Exactly How I'm Feeling...

It's like even after I admitted it to myself that I could never really over him like I thought I had. But I decided to accept it and try maybe one more time to see if I could get him to sway my way. Even through subtle hints, he played along and then later played me and let me know where he stood.

A few weeks ago, ended up seeing him after being preoccupied with my own problems. In the midst of asking him how he was, he changed the subject bluntly and immediately. No eye contact, didn't even stare in my face or complement how pretty my hair was for that day or any others. It's like he's seeing right through me, felt more transparent than a piece of glass. Guess I got my answer, I thought. There's no need to try anymore if he's going to act like switch more often than not. Either way, I've decided to leave it alone. But what hurts the most is the fact I love him so much and yet feelings will never be returned. Why even convey how I feel about him if he's going to be so flaky??


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