Monday, October 22, 2012

Draw My Thing | Ponies Brony!

Soo while I was browsing the inter-webs and noticed there aren't too many Draw My Thing or Draw Something pictures on ponies. I decided I would spice it up a bit lol.


I just recently drew Twilight Sparkle in the awesome guessing game and tell me what you think?

I think I did a pretty gosh darn good job. Took me a minute to get that hair correct in color lol.

Well then I remember I drew two other ponies. One in particular is like an awesome Rainbow Dash...

Heck yea! Rainbow is looking awesome!!

Then I drew a unicorn. Not sure if I was channeling Princess Celestia or going by memories of Ponies. But either way, I like it anyway.

Or for all we know maybe this is Rainbow's mom or older sister or hey! Make a future pony to reside in Esquestria lol.

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