Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bunny's Diet | Day 2-6 (I guess...)

Well things were going find up until day 2 maybe 3. My mom decided to go on a Tyrant Rampage and tell me how I was going about this diet was the wrong way. I need to use MODERATION!!!!

Look we tried that moderation. And as a matter of fact it's when she sorta made me and my dad participate too. She refused to cook food so we are TV dinners and wasn't allowed much of anything else. My dad hasn't stop smoking then so weight wasn't a serious problem then. My mother lost 70lbs while I gained 70lbs probably more. Tried it again in high school, still gained weight. Sooo therefore I don't believe in moderation. Tried to explain that to her, not hearing it. She said well just do this and just do that.

Reminds me of how these people say don't eat fatty foods or carbohydrates or sugary this and don't forget to excessively exercise like the Steroids Pony to be fabulously thin and curvaceous!! Bitch please T_T fat and sugars is in ALL FOOD!!! Might as well not eat like what the fork??? And I refuse to count calories. This ain't math class; I shouldn't have add multiply and subtract and I don't get paid to do so like what the shit?? She saying starving is bad and you should lose just a little bit of what, or how about SENSA or what about OOO I know MODERATION!? SENSA seems sensible yet they don't show full progress. Less than 30lb in 6months that not only requires a diet and exercise but are you kidding me?? You can loose that much in 3 weeks. Then she says well you should exercise. How about jump rope =D??? No for a few reasons I don't want to get a black eyes from my boobs, secondly I refuse to jump up and down with all this fat, will accomplish that later on.

So she was saying how you always need a buddy for support. Well that's fine and dandy but when you're losing weight you don't need one. Let you lose 2lbs more than them and watch that heffer snap the hell out on you! Then she said if we cook at home everything will be better. Ok I don't have the patience to cook, I don't like it there's no licking of the bowl you gotta cook it all and to me that's more than difficulty and frustration. So I can't cook, she shouldn't be cooking because the last thing she cooked it exploded all over the kitchen and almost burnt the house down. So who exactly is cooking???

So then she asked me was I "doing this for somebody?" What the fuck is that suppose to me. Then she went into this whole your cousin does it to get a boyfriend but she doesn't have a boyfriend and blah blah blah. Yea that's cute but no. So then she said you wouldn't've gotten so fat if you were over eating. Well you don't say!?

Here's the deal. When I lost the weight as teen it was because the skinny girls were bullying me. Dropped the weight then the fat girls started bullying me. But because I have that support from home or maybe she didn't encourage me then. I was confused and let things bother me. So while in college like most students I gained my 20+ pounds. Tried my damnedest to get rid of it but just didn't happened. However when I got sick lost weight but the medication I took for my Hyperthyroidism and Graves Disease made me FATTER THAN FAT! Now after college I did try to lose some weight and was contented. Lost a little over 20lbs. I was happy, felt good and I decided well hey let's dress up a bit. Maybe I can catch a guy. No such luck. I was called High Maintenance by the eligible bachelors and a quick fuck by the married or taken men. So that was around 2010. I got disgusted and said fuck it. I'm going to eat what I want and how much I want because I can and I don't give a shit what anybody has to says. I didn't care if my clothes no longer fit properly or that I looked like a sloppy mess leaving the house. I didn't care. What was the point?? Wasn't like I had someone to impress or tell me looked good everyday. Nothing. So why put in the extra efforts if they're not going to be rewarded with a compliment or at least something??

So then my mother asked me why all of a sudden did I care so much now?? Was it for a boy?? No no not at all. I'm tired of the skinny broads having the cuter clothes at a cheaper price. Like wtf?? I have to wear T-shirts and jeans because nothing fits me and I'm not into the ugly fat people clothing either.

So she told me I would never be able to reach my December Goal of wanting to be close to a size 6. Well so much for you wanting to be my buddy you just gave me a negative comment. Then she tried to say that if I fast I'm going to die and have a need to go to the hospital. None of that is important. If I have a will and I'm abled now. Then I don't want to wait or do it her way, moderation probably was a help to her. But it wants a help to me. It's like exercising some people can walk it out and lose tons of weight but other can't. That's just how it goes.

So these last couple days I been a bad naughty piggy as shoving my face with food. Oh god you guys don't think I'm depressed do you????? Lol. In all seriousness I want to lose the weight and get on a good track. I'm tired of too little panties and not by sexual choice lol. Tired of my blue jeans fitting one day, too loose tomorrow but they were right cutting my circulation off yesterday. Tired of wearing only wife beaters and shirts because my boobs and torso isn't properly proportioned.

I dunno kids, I'm going to keep on trying anyway.

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