Friday, October 12, 2012

And He Said...

So from time to time I meet a new friend on Facebook and I don't want to say no to a friend request because you never know who you'll end up friends with. Even virtual friends at that.

Well I've talked to this guy for the past couple weeks or so. And when we first started talking I wasn't in the right mood or min frame because I was heavily in that Malicious Malware crap. So his didn't questions annoyed me at first. But it's just not him. I dislike when people ask me if I work or go to school and when I say neither. They automatically think I'm married. When I say I'm not married then it turns into "well why aren't you married, you're a pretty girl" type of thing. Well I don't know why I'm single or always have had bad luck with men. I really don't know.

Anyway after looking so prettied up yesterday he message me and told me how pretty I looked. I told him thank you then mentioned that since I did put forth the effort to put make up and do my hair up pretty might as well take a picture, right??

Then he replied:

Well you look pretty without the make up.

To be honest I was shocked. I sat there wondering if I've ever heard a guy tell me that. Whether he meant it or not. Most guys who said so, weren't very sincere about it but I guess seeing the words meant more truth than hearing the words that could always be perceived as a lie. For a small moment I was kind of happy. Then I wondered why more guys couldn't be opened about how they feel even if by writing a letter or typing it in a Online message. It's the fact it can't be erased or undone or forgotten. You can't take back what you said. And I think that's what means the most.

It was very nice of him to say...don't you think?? :)

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