Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Post Dedicated To Rarity

Well while I was browsing the inter-webs and getting my surf on. I decided to Google ponies. Why?? Because I'm a little bit eccentric lol. No seriously I did so because I was thinking about how the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic resonates other previous ponies if not by a different name yet same personalities. So since Rarity is my favorite pony I knew it wasn't just by coincidence. I've always been a fan of Rainbow Dash because...well I like rainbows lol. So I decided to Google Rarity, because I remember the one pony that was a lot like Pinkie Pie who's another favorite of mine, I like her hyper character lol. While I was Google I found a bunch of pictures and then I found one that I remembered well. There was another Rarity known as Princess Rarity who was just as fabulous and lady-like, but different colored mane as well as a different colored body. I remember seeing her in a few episodes as a kid. The group she was attached to I would watch on the Disney Channel as a tike.

Anyway, while I was doing this I found some awesome picture of Rarity that I wanted to share. I don't like that every thinks she's bourgeois and whatnot. But she really is such a sweetheart and yet everybody just shows so little of her everywhere on the net.

I'm here to fix that :D lol

So I hope you enjoy this wonderful post dedicated to Rarity.

The Rarity that's the light pink with the rainbow dashed hair is the one I remember the most :D.

This one was a Mishap, Miss Rarity ended up with Princess Celestia's hair. But to be honest, I actually like this look for her :D. To hear more about this awesome mishap please visit My Little Pony Collector's Blog

Princess Rarity!! 

Another Princess Rarity

Princess Rarity & The Girls


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