Tuesday, September 11, 2012

When Women Are Beautiful & Men Are Right

I like seeing all these pep talk posts on Facebook and all across the Internet to tell women they're beautiful just the way we are. I'm all for it and I agree. However instead of telling us to not be so depressed about it.....Maybe you should tell the men to loosen up a bit. A perfect girl doesn't mean happy life.

Men do you really think that Lil Ms. High Maintenance is gonna care for you when you're knocking on death's door?? No she won't, she'll be at the mall picking up another dumb fuck like you. But that girl you called fat, ugly, not modelesque enough, and pointed out more flaws than she really owns—she would've been there for you. Lil Ms. High Maintenance is going to spend your insurance money, burn your ass and drop your ashes in a Pringles can. The other girl would make sure you had a proper burial, and even a grave because one day she'll want to come and visit you and reminisce about the times you all shared.

Society and people in general needs to stop telling women how perfect and worthy we are. When men are contradicting that statement and proving a less appreciative appeal to life, love and relationships.

One person can alter your outlook faster than thousands of people can change your mind.


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