Thursday, September 13, 2012

Well Maybe One More...

Well in the midst of getting ready today, I was excite because I thought my dreaded period was OVER!! Unfortunately after a nice a hot shower, she reared her ugly head out again and said Problem Bitch?? ;D

So I began to think and wonder, how the hell do you stop a period FOREVER?! I'm tired of this bullshit and what's it purpose? Everybody else gets those I bled for 5 days and it was sooo awful!! Dammit girl, I've been at this since August 31 and I ain't a happy camper right about now. I'm tired of my periods lasting 3 weeks if not longer. So I went on yahoo, because I was sure someone could answer my questions.

Same thing as always. It's because it's suppose to happen!! There's only a few ways like Birth Control, Depo Shot, get the Nuva Ring or Mirena, then there's surgeries with restrictions like a Hysterectomy and Tubal Ligation—I guess you'll have to put up with honey. The fuck I do. Besides I wish I could get a hysterectomy and at least then I wouldn't have to worry about the want or urge to have kids, because there'd be no way to do so. However you can only get one of you have a major medical problem like cancer or other such said catastrophes. So then there's tubal ligation, unfortunately ere where I live I have to be 28 years old. Like what the shit??? I have to wait damn near 5 years because soceity is fucked up?? At least I know I don't want to bring another dumb fuck into this world. But apparently that's wrong, too.


So someone answered and said that she thinks my hormones are doing the talking and one day in my 30s or 40/ I'm going to want kids. The fuck I do bitch. Only thing talking today is called PMS! But like how dare people tell you what to do with your body and your decision. I'm not going to wait around another 10-25 years for some guy to make up his fucking mind, I shouldn't have to. But since I can't really have a baby on my own without ridiculously high costs or requirements I can never meet. It's damned hard to be a single parent. No one has $12,000+ laying around. And since the health insurance won't cover nothing, you're screwed if you have to come out of pocket. I don't even have the money to join these sorry ass sites to FIND A DONOR—wait a minute—that I'll have to pay for his sperm too and it's not in a cheap range either.

But I just don't get that. I've made my decision. I don't plan on having any more sex, ever not with someone who can't appreciate me and commit. I'm sorry to be so difficult but I'm not going to be second or told no I'm not allowed to have kids because he already has a slew of them. That's not fair. But I refuse to wait. I don't want y kid going through the same thing I am going through now due to having parents who are 40+ years your senior. It's not healthy and doesn't bode good will either.

But I'm tired of having a period and I'm sure about my decision. If I can't have at least 2 kids by time I'm 30 (in 5 years) then I don't want them at all. I refuse to do something so stupid regardless of what everybody else says They don't understand and they're not looking at the view point that one day if they die, their kid is going to be all alone with no one.

Maybe it's me and I'm the only one who has a problem with this whole we need a period for, well just because bullshit. So what if you're gonna have a baby of your own or not—it's required. Reminds me of psychology in college.

Well I think if I can get health insurance I'll see if I can get Mirena and deal with that. Least it can be changed every 5 years and it suppose to last just as long. That stops the period, that's exactly what I want. Then maybe I can see about getting a hysterectomy or something later on. This is all for good faith and to keep me contented and no so bitter and unhappy.


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