Sunday, September 16, 2012

Try Again (& Again & Again If You Have To)

There are times in our life where things become so complex and unmanageable that we decide to give up because we think it's for the better. No matter how hard it is to go over the same thing again and again in pure agony. The desperation of the simpler and happier time is in the midst of the foggy deception of knowing that sometimes, we can't be great at everything. Sometimes we have to learn to give up to learn a lesson, get over a bad friendship or relation and sometimes ever to move on and become a better person at the end of this Journey called Life.

But because we're only human, we can't help but listen to that little voice known as hope and say screw the world and the gay pony it rode in on and try one more time. Because when you do make that effort. Not only are you NOT giving up, but you're showing life that no matter what you throw at me—I'm going to prevail whether you like it or not. I'm going to make it. I'm going to use this experience as a stepping stone to a better Me. That small spark of a moment, that's when you realize, no I haven't given up. I took time out to think about to situation at hand and work to make it better situation and get that much closer to my deserved and overdue happiness. That's the moment when you've become more human than you ever thought you could be. That's what makes this whole crazy thing called Life worth it.

You're not meant to be what life or society expects of you. It's just not a pliable possibility. You're meant to be YOU. That's only thing you're good at being. And the more you, you are, the more happiness you'll begin to experience. The better situations come your way. Always remember that when you're at your lowest and shit just seems so messed up beyond all repair and everything's out of your control—there's only one place to go and that's up. Take the bullshit in stride and focus on how to better you.

Besides if you didn't try, you'd die without really knowing you're true potential, right??

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