Wednesday, September 5, 2012

There's Been An Update!!

Hi Guys & Dolls!!

How are my wafflebabies doing this lovely awesome evening (or whatever time of the day if your on a different coast lol). Well I've been a busy beaver these last couple days.

Since I'm coming to a close with the 31 Day Nail Challenge. I've had time to work on the site here. I've fixed the flags, well I fixed them to the best of my ability lol. I had to delete about 3 of them, but I put up another translation option in case I deleted your flag or your particular language isn't shown. Try to make it easier on the both of us, right?? The more people I can reach and possibly make happy or keeper entertained I'm glad :D.

Well in the process of this flag fix. I found an awesome website that had just about all the flags and I wanted to change them before they went wacky and disappeared! Unfortunately between the new computer and Big Bertha acting ugly like all 4 year olds do. I lost that website!! I had to spend the last week of August and these past few days of September looking for flag icons. Then it felt like no one knew what I was talking about. I did try to re-enter the HTML code again, thinking it could possibly help. No such luck. So I searched and looked and tried my damnedest to find them. When I thought I hit the jackpot it turned out to be a empty folder of nothingness. I tried again today to find something LOW AND BEHOLD—I found exactly what I needed and I was beyond happy and filled with joy! Hahaha

Unfortunately since I went to a poor school district (education wise) I don't know my flags or countries!! Like I've heard of places, but this was by far the most baffling thing I ever had to deal with. Took me from 2pm until about 6pm yesterday to get the flags sorted out and in their correct spots! But you all know me, I'm a total klutz. I put the Slovenia flag in the South Africa flag spot -_-. But it's fixed and looks good. Might have to update it again in the near future. I know this much—this time around I'll take a picture and save it for the next time my flags disappear hahaha.

Hmm what else??

Oh yeah!!

I added another menu!! I thought I would make the 31 Day Nail Challenge easy to get to right?? Then I thought well I could do the same thing for the 25 Days Of Bunny and later on as well as the 12 Days Of Christmas. So I'm still working on that. I got the gist of the 31 Day Nail Challenge put together and I'm going to type up each day soon so they can go with the awesome pictures. Thank goodness for TinyPost too! I'm also going to remove the 12 Days of Christmas label, TDOC. To make more room and plus to add it to the new menu. I also do plan on doing a 12 Days of Christmas project for this year. Might even switch it up and make it 25 Days or something :D what do you think?? Lol. I'll be typing up a page or post meant strictly for that (probably a post more likely) and I just might do the same for 25 Days of Bunny and I'll have to debate on whether to keep the 25 and 31DNC labels or not. That comes in due time. OH! Almost forgot lol. The new menu name is À La Bunné. It's like À La Carte just with Bunny (Me) and more awesomeness!! How can you pass something do geniusly made like that??? Anyway that's where I'll put the big projects at. Hey for all we know there might something that'll catch my eye one day that I'll love to do.

I've also changed the pictures to rainbow theme images. Just felt like it was time to up the ante and throw some rainbows at ya :D. I like the pictures I've picked out they're interesting and speak for themselves. I might just throw random posts there so when you click you'll be taken to one of my posts. I don't know of I can do something different everyday or week or even month. But I think it would be interesting, don't you??

I've also added two new polls too. They'll be up and votes will be take until October 1st. Which isn't too far away. I might do another two-fer because it makes things interesting. I've also decided that I'll add pages to the menu bar. They lead to nowhere and at first I liked it. But now 5 months later, it makes it confusing and you don't know what to click! I don't know what I was thinking back in April. But I guess after the witchcraft that took off back then, I was working on pure panic and adrenaline. So I'm going to fix that too. Um, I would like to also still post pictures and make my goal of having 1,440 posts by December 31, 2012. I don't give a flying damn if the world ends or ended. I got a goal to accomplish and shit to do too!! That's another thing, I think after I finish the 31 Day Nail Challenge and type up all what needs to be typed and work on tutorials (yes there will be tutorials for you lovely ladies). I'm going to work on the College 1-0-What?! series for you college parents, college kids and future college kids. So that'll be another project. Maybe I'll get it typed up over the winter and post it as soon as spring comes and then you'll be ready for whatever comes your way then!! Yes you're welcome.

Hmm, well besides all that awesome info. I'm doing just fine, still job searching even though I know not going to get a job anytime in this lifetime. I am considering getting my own place. Just got a find a place that'll take me with barely any tough strings attached. I'm working on it though lol.

Other than that, for now. I have nothing much else to say lol. I also got some pics for you guys too that I'll post real soon too ^_^. So be on the look out for those and definitely the 31 Day Nail Challenge!!

Keep coming back for more!! I love having you guys and dolls around ;D



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