Friday, September 7, 2012

It's The Truth

Never EVER do this!! There was this guy from high school that was a jock, a little older than I and we had mutual friends in common. Every time I saw "Billy" I would always say Hi or Hey or whatever and he would always stare at me weird, ignore me or just walk past me like I was part of the school or something.

Then a few years ago, we happen to bump into each other, strictly by coincidence and I was shocked to see him in the first place and how much he had changed. I won't like he looked a whole lot better and I was truly surprised! Like who would've thought he turned out to be a hottie??? But I was unsure what to really say to him, since he used to always act so hankty and whatnot back in school. So I said hello and left it at that, while my mom carried on a conversation with him. Then a few days later after the awkward bump in, he asked me out.........I told him no. Because I don't understand and probably never will understand why I got ignored in high school or why he acted like I didn't exist, it wasn't like I changed much and I still looked the same and may have a slight different attitudeBut nothing extreme. So if you were so flaky then, how do I know for sure you won't be flaky now that we're older?? He may be nice and probably would been the best thing ever, HELL WHO KNOWS, but that small gesture that other people may feel is petty to get upset over or insignificant was a huge impact on me and how I will always feel with and about him. I'll be cordial, maybe....but I don't have to treat him any better since he never gave me that consideration in the first place you know??

So with all that being said, you need to realize what you do today will definitely affect tomorrow. Maybe not the next day, week or month. But in the long run it will pose a problem and you'll realize the mistake you made (hopefully). So think about it the next time, you might be fucking up your future without knowing for sure.


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