Wednesday, September 26, 2012


It's said that expectations can be the very thing that causes pain and heartache to any person. Whether its High Expectations or Low Expectations—it'll still bring forth some type of pain.

I for one, I'm tired of living up to everyone's expectations. They're not at a suitable point and are so far fetched and out of reach, it's foreseen I'd fail even before I begin the struggle. I get tired, even when I say what I can do or tell me how good and worth it I am. It goes in one ear and out the other. However the funny about it is, these expectations are more of a reflection of themselves and not of me.

Like when my mom gets upset because I'm not domestically inclined. Well I'm sorry I'm not like you, I feel cooking is an unnecessary trait to have if your cooking for yourself all the time. Not saying I want to be praised all the time. But damn, am I suppose to get excited after all that hard work?? I rather take a nap instead and even after the nap I'd probably get pissed at the thought of all the hard work that went into that meal and I got nothing in return but food so I can stay alive yet another day in this wretched life is more than displeasing.

Or like how people tell me to get a job or go back to school. They're not offering to be a reference or give me a nice little budge in the door to a job. Not even forking out a cool couple hundreds for education. But they expect me to act like an adult and take care of myself. Well I can't if no ones going to offer me the help nor the opportunity.

That's like saying well if you just into the ocean, you'll learn how to float and swim. That's not necessarily true. It's not impossible either. For such said phenomenon to happen, you would have needed to go into the ocean as a baby to swim like a fish without any problems, no fear, no mistakes. However if that never happened as a child, and you jump in the ocean, not only is body dead weight but through the panicking and realization of death, swimming is near next to the impossible right then and there. However that person can learn to swim if someone else takes the patience and time to give them that boost they need. For you know that person may become a better swimmer oppose to the one swimming since birth.

People make these expectations seem easy as slicing pie. But none want to help in the process of getting the pie out of the tin, nor help you when the pie falls apart or slams down to the floor.

I find it amusing they can hold so much gloat with expectations but yet won't offer a helping hand or a little bit of good positive advice to you. They in fact turn rude and negative and criticism your whole outlook on the situation and give you cite anecdotal tidbits of how they would hand the situation and make it through. But that's the thing, it's not about you. It's about me, lets focus on me and my strengths and those things I'm capable of doing. I think if more people took time out to do that and help enrich each other more than bring or thrown them down to the ground, the world could possibly be a better place.

Even then, I'm expecting a lot right there now aren't I??

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