Wednesday, September 26, 2012


We are all born with talents that aren't discovered or unleashed until we grow older. Some of us discovers ones early one and feel the need to spout that this is what we're good at. We know this area more than anybody else and we practiced this to make it perfection. But then one day we realize that we're not all we seem to be. We're a fisçade of our true self. We find out that we're good at things that most wouldn't consider. Even you, yourself never really consider this. The more you indulge yourself into this new found talent, you find out you enjoy it, damn good at it. It adds another pieces to the completion of your world. What makes you. When you find out these things. Hold on tight and keep them close to your heart. Never let people sway or stray you from this. It'll be one of the many best things to happen in your life.


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