Sunday, September 23, 2012

Black Roses

While Other Girls wish for appropriately colored Roses.
I want the one only a Man can find—
The Blackest Rose, warms my ice cold heart ;)...

The other day I stopped at the Walgreens to pick up a few things. And I had noticed they've decorated their store with Halloween decor like all the other stores who go buck wild during holiday season. While browsing the holiday inspired candy and whatnots. I happened to noticed this little display that held Fake Black Roses that were glistened in purple or red glitter. For that split moment I couldn't help myself but to reminisce.

About a year or so into college, my parents took me grocery shopping at Walmart. Since Halloween is my favorite holiday I always flock towards the candies, costumes and decor galore section of the store. I happen to by pass these black roses. I couldn't help but be mesmerized by them. The petals were tinted an unusual purple. No glitter, no sparkle. Just a plain black rose with purple kissed tips. They were absolutely gorgeous. So knowing I'd be over there my parents came to look for me. The funny thing is I've never been trick or treating not ever in my whole life. But I was always fascinated with Halloween.

My father asked me what I was looking at I said black roses. Because that sound so peculiar to him, he came to look. I said to him aren't they just gorgeous?? He said no, why would they be?? Well it's not everyday you see a black rose and one that's so beautifully made to look like the real thing. So he said ok and told me it was time to go. I couldn't help but smile at that bouquet of black roses that sat beautifully in the middle of the aisle in their display.

So a few days after that I was studying in my dorm. My dad paid me an unexpected visit. He told me he had brought me some goodies and whatnots. I buzzed in our building and he came up. He stood there at my door smiling holding two of the black roses we saw at the Walmart. He told me they were marking things down in preparation of the holiday season and Christmas was soon approaching. Even though they both cost 50¢ each. Just the thought of him thinking about me and wanting to make me happy made me very happy. To this very day I still have my black roses. Wrapped up and in a safe place.

I was snapped out of my reminiscent thoughts by a wild balloon that bopped me upside the head lol. But I felt happy for a little while and thought of how great of man my dad really was. Most men buy you red roses whether they're your favorite or not. But no he always aimed to please and I guess his work was well received when he could get the one he loved to smile as wide as mile. Then that feeling turned bittersweet, because its sad to think that I won't find another guy like that. If I do, he'll be married off to someone else.

Eh! Either way I still have my black roses from a man who I loved more than life itself.

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