Saturday, September 29, 2012

Approachable, Much??

So while I'm here at the Giant Eagle picking up a few groceries, I decided to see if they had anything good at the Hot Foods Bar. I saw a group of men standing there chit-chatting and picking up different things. Well the one stops and looks at me all awe struck and I'm thinking ok.

I made a quick pit stop to check out the bar and not much held my interest there so I moved on. As I was browsing the awe struck man came up to me and well....

Him: Um, excuse me I just couldn't help myself, you have such a pretty face and had to come over to say something to you.

Bunny: Ok...

Him: That's a very cute phone case by the way.

Bunny: Thank you.

Him: Um, but I wanted to ask you a question.....Um is your name Lisa??

Bunny: No, it's not.

Him: Oh oh ok. I'm so sorry to have bothered you, excuse me.

Did I miss something?? I wondered. Not only did him asking if my name was Lisa throw me off, but he was so nervous and uncomfortable it kind of concerned me. Not to mention I had to wonder I have on a shirt that's not necessarily squeaky clean but it keeps my wife beater from flashing my boobs to everybody lol. I'm in shirt and jeans with a messy hair bun. If that doesn't scream unattractive I don't know what else could!! Then I wondered when he looked all awe struck from earlier did the guys he was paling around with coach him on to come and talk to me. Then I had to wonder was I not as approachable as I think I am?? Do I come off as being unapproachable??

Hmm, I guess I won't ever find out the answer to those. At least not right now :).

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