Saturday, September 29, 2012

An Internet Fight

So, I'm browsing the internet earlier today and I come across this picture on Facebook that was hosted from another site. I click and look and it's talking about the supposed process women take to put on underpants which isn't true in the least bit. Whoever does so has some serious issues to correct in their life. Anyway I'm reading the comments after I made mine, and I see this even in the world of abbreviate "internet" and text talk was just down right horrid. Well here's what happened:
Her: I don't even go thru tht process.. r they clean yes...put them on... do I plan on gettin some 4m the new bf match them wit bra n socks n maybe whole I plan on gettn some 4m bf tht ive been wit 4 over a yr its watever...BTW not sayin I have more than 1 bf I was comparin new bfs n old need 2 make an effort 2 look sexy 4 him n weve been 2gether 4 a yr or more anytime u put on the sexy panties is 4 holidays bdays n anniversaries or wat ever else special occasion yall mite make up. 
Bunny: Are you spelling "for" or "from" because either way it's wrong. I'm just saying, and I don't disapprove you having more than one bf either ^_^. 
Her: Bunny Ramsey 1st of all plz dnt try 2 correct me its da internet nobody spells correctly or uses long wrds we abbreviate or speak IM on da internet unless were tryin 2 b smart n prove others lyk u rong.... 2ndly its "from" n i live n al n we all rite like tht..your simply jus tryin 2 pick so i refuse 2 go off on u 4 ur stupidity sooooo wit tht bein said please find some1 else 2 try n pick a web fite wit thanxx much love 4m mii
Bunny: I understand internet talk and abbreviated words. I can even understand "4" but "4m" isn't from. I'm hardly illiterate darling, taking note from you I'd say you're the stupid one. Even AL would be disappointed knowing that you're representing them so poorly. I wasn't picking on you I clearly asked a question. I know I'm not wrong I didn't fail English in school nor college. I just hope God Forbid you aren't anybody's mother because I personally feel sorry for any kid you have when they start school. In closing, darling you can go fuck yourself because I really don't give a damn about your or your retarded way of spelling ^_^. 
Her: Bunny Ramsey apparently u dont understand internet slang not note passn slang jus so u kno i am not misrepresentn al thts how we used 2 send notes 2:??? 4m:??? n im far 4m stupid i passd english bitch wit an a like i said ur jus tryin 2 pick bitch n i aint the 1.... n u need 2 learn how 2 ask ?s wit out bein such a smart ass bitch about them.... n yes bitch i am some1s damn mother (insert arrow here) as u can fuckn c...u aint dealin wit no dumb white bitch dont let my profile pic fool ya bitch.... n bitch my child e fuck atleast i am somebodys mama u dont even look worthy enuff 2 b anybodys mother...2 b fuckd or 2 b anybodys last resort bitch u aint even rape worthy u jus look like some ugly pathetic lonely nerd bitch i bet ur still a virgin... bitch i feel sorry 4 ANY kid u become a parent 4....well if u dont even a fuck then get ur ugly bitch ass off my damn comment n shut THE fuck up... o n by the way maybe u need 2 go fuck ur self simply cuz u look like u wont come close 2 any dick n ur entire life u low life lonely wanna b smart dipstick wanna fuck cant fuck cuz u 2 damn ugly lookn as retarded bitch.....ahhhh n boom goes the dynomite!!!! 
Bunny: well while you were passing notes in class, I was getting an education so excuse me for not being in the "in crowd." I did ask a question, if you know it or not "4m" can represent FORM or FORUM. So that's why I asked. By the way your arrow's in the wrong place and I don't know what made you think your baby could be half white in the first place. This wasn't about sex, but that clearly explains how you got knocked up with your community pussy. No for your information I'm not a virgin, but I'm not a ho either. I actually respect my body unlike you. No I don't want any kids, I refuse to bring another idiot like you into the world. Oh when did you graduate college?? You're not even internet trade school material with you so called Straight-A Student lol. You crack me up! But I ain't so lonely now am I since you are talking to me hahahahahaha XD you're really dumb lmfao.
Did I just get called stupid for spelling correctly?? Excuse the fuck outta me, but I'm pretty sure any person would take "4m" as FORM or FORUM. Then, she a baby mama. I already dislike dumb broads like her because the job industry is telling me this bitch is better candidate for any job more so than I am and I busted my ass in college for 4 years. What the hell is this world coming to?? But either way, I can't help but laugh at the shit, intelligence present or not. She been stupid and will raise her child stupid. She's a product of her mother's stupidity and she'll be her daughter's future burden. Bitch just don't know I write every fucking day and I think I'm more well-endowed in the department of English than she.

 Oh so now my problem is because I don't get laid as often as she did. WOW!!! This bitch has got me entertained for the night XXDDDD CTFU!! I'm sorry but my vagina is not meant for the whole community.

 Is that not the funniest shit?? XD

If you want to see everything then CLICK HERE :D lol.


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