Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Woman's Worth

Its sad to find out that as you grow up in life as a woman. That you don't hold much value to society. The only ones who hold a small portion are celebrities, delegates, and royals (the small few who do still exist). But even going through school, making it through college means nothing. You're seen as nothing more than a prostitute who aids in bringing humans into the world, cooking in the kitchen and being Man's bitch, or one of his many bitches. Your judge by your appearance, social status, and even petty things like small beauty enhancements.

But when all that work is wasted and you're seen only a sex toy. It's far more degrading, it's hurtful like hell. It's like saying I went through hell, just to be some man's (if not many men's) play thing, because I hold no other value. Why even bring women into existence if that's how we are treated??

Some would call what my neighbor does: degrading, lewd and no woman in her right mind would consider "that" as a line of work. She's apparently selling her body to get clothes, month and drugs amongst other things. However sometimes in this day and age, you've got to use what you've got to get what you want. If that includes you selling your body to do so, I can't hardly disagree—

I've even considered it. I feel useless knowing I busted my ass in school and college. Then got nothing in return. Can't get a job, can't go back to school. Then because of where I lived and was raised and the color of my skin...society automatically considers me a statistic. I got a house full of kids, I'm on the welfare and I ain't nothing more than a chicken headed hood rat. It's even worst when people talk down to me and act like I'm stupid or don't have any manners or etiquette. The men. I don't understand how all these men say their marriages and relationships are great but expect to get some new pussy on the side. It amazes me how the unavailable men are overly available and the single men are unavailable.

I don't want to be considered a whore or prostitute. But if that's something I have to do to make it in the world then I have no choice. But the whole while I wish to be respected. I'm nobody's play thing nor do I want to be a side chick or a fuck toy.

But it's hard. When no one respects you, or feels you're worth something spectacular. You begin to feel the same exact way about yourself as they do. What's so sad—if you became the very thing they say you are....the treatment won't stop. You'll just be proving them right. I personally think its up to the woman herself to come out of that and come out a better woman. Not some sometimey happy meal ho.

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